Monday, May 10, 2021

COVID-19. Outbreaks At Work! No Surprise.

Most manufacturing, assembly and distribution warehouses in Ontario are in Peel County. This includes one of the biggest Amazon warehouses in Canada. Peel Public Health have investigated more than 1500 workplace COVID-19 exposures and found one third have been in manufacturing and related settings. As one Amazon warehouse worker put it, ''I work as a temporary agency worker as a packer. Am I or my work essential? Not sure. But I have continued working during the lockdown. As a temp I can lose my job any moment so I am scared to take a day off whether sick or not. I recently got injured at work but did not take any time off as there is no job security. I can’t imagine my temporary worker colleagues taking a day off when exposed to COVID-19. 
It’s not a surprise why there are so many outbreaks at work.''

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