Sunday, May 16, 2021

The future is ours to build or ours to ruin


A just society is one that makes available for all the means for the full development of the human person, a better, more dignified existence for the individual. Workers can toil away all their lives, but no matter how hard-working and they will never achieve a good outcome more than in the luckiest circumstances. Socialism is the unloading the heavy burden of wage-slavery, making production the common property of the whole society for a more just distribution of goods  to which we all have the same rights. Therefore, fellow-workers, join the World Socialist Movement. You have nothing to lose, but everything to win. Join together under the red flag of socialism.

The aim of the World Socialist Movement is the establishment  by democratic means of a cooperative commonwealth in which the supplying of human needs and enrichment of human life shall be the primary purpose of society. Socialism builds relationships based on mutual respect where everyone will have a sense of worth and belonging, and will be enabled to develop one’s capacities to the full. Capitalist social and economic conditions stunt human growth. In spite of great technological expansion, large sections of people do not benefit from the increased wealth produced. The wealth and economic power continue to be concentrated in the hands of the relatively few. Billions still live in want and insecurity condemned to a cheerless and joyless life, suffering ill-health and enduring a lack of dignity. This world is characterised by stark inequalities and by the domination of one group over another for the benefit of the few. The mad scramble for profit has wasted and despoiled our rich resources of soil, water, forest and minerals, devastating the planet. 

The climate crisis is accelerating much faster than most scientists anticipated. People tend to forget that the Paris Agreement target for limiting warming to 1.5–2.0C was supposed to be a starting point, not the end goal. Already significant climatic influences are already occurring now at about 1C warming. There is evidence that indicates 2050 to be an inadequate target for reaching net zero carbon emissions. Society risks large-scale, irreversible changes to the planet’s environment and our lives as part of it depends upon the choices and decisions we make, for the sake of all people in the future.

Industry and manufacturing can and should be run as to enable working people to use fully their talents and skills, to yield the maximum opportunities for individual development and the maximum of goods and services for the satisfaction of human needs. Unprecedented scientific and technological advances have brought us the potential for enriching the standard of life yet unless there is rational planning is applied to their, the evils of the past will be multiplied in the future. The technological changes will produce even greater concentrations of wealth and power and will cause widespread distress through unemployment.

 The challenge facing workers today is whether future development will continue to perpetuate the inequalities of history or whether it will be based on principles of social justice. A society motivated by the drive for private gain and special privilege is basically unjust. The WSM will not rest content until every person in all lands is able to enjoy equality and freedom, a sense of human dignity, and a meaningful life as a global citizen of a free and peaceful world. This is the cooperative commonwealth which the WSM invites people to build.  

Humanity is sleep-walking into calamity and socialists offer a wake-up call for our fellow-workers to stir from their slumber.


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