Thursday, July 28, 2022

Save Humanity, Save he Earth


All the major political parties applaud the Welfare State. The truth about it all was that the so-called “Welfare State” arose not through the goodwill of any political party but because of the need to adapt the social services to the changing conditions of capitalism. The need to allay any possible working class discontent after the war. Of course, it was a benefit to the health of the working class. The socialist view is that the Welfare State won’t abolish the poverty problem which confronts the working class but is just the best method the capitalist class have devised to re-distribute poverty from the point of view of efficiency. Today is quickly being exposed by the widespread appeals of charities and food banks for help reveals its weaknesses.

Capital is money invested with a view to obtaining a profit by the employment of wage-earners. “Capital” cannot, therefore, be “communally” owned. Socialism or communal ownership involves the abolition of the wages system, the abolition of a propertied class and a wage-earning class, and the abolition of capital. The means of production, land, factories, railways, etc., will be owned by the community, and it will no longer be possible for a propertied class to live by owning property: the means of production will not then be “capital.”

As we have many times demonstrated, nationalisation, or state capitalism, is not beneficial but directly harmful to the working class, even considered as an immediate policy. Further, it is not a step towards socialism.

The  Socialist Party continually warn the wage-slave that when he fights he is not fighting for the benefit of himself, but of his master.


Socialism is the question of humanity. Its goal is the welfare of all the people. The capitalist system has divided society into two classes — capitalists and workers — and these classes are pitted against each other in a worldwide struggle. The capitalist class is unnecessary to society. Politicians employed by capitalists endeavour to keep the working people divided on alleged issues in which the toiling classes have no interest whatsoever. As long as they succeed in doing this the capitalists will hold the reins of power.We propose the abolition of the system that produces the conditions under which one person is gorged and another endures deprivation.This is a conflict between socialism and capitalism, a contest for the common ownership of the world for the benefit of mankind. The domination of one class over another degrades humanity. Socialism, which will abolish all class differences restores humanity.

The Socialist Party condemns the whole class system to extinction. Socialism alone gives true meaning to the whole idea of human justice. Every human being has a right to full and unfettered development. And  the community itself must have the right of ownership over all the means of production. To change the world and to create a better one has always been the aspiration of the Socialist Party. Its hope is that tomorrow's world can be free of today's inequalities, hardships and deprivations. Its belief is that people can, individually and collectively, influence the shape of the world to come. However, the Socialist Party is not a group of utopian reformers nor heroic saviours of humanity. Socialist society is not a fantastic design or recipe conceived by well-intentioned know-it-alls. Socialism is a social movement arising from within modern capitalist society itself, a movement that reflects the vision, ideals and protest of a vast section of this same society. - the working class.

The capitalist system is behind all the ills that burden humanity today. Poverty, privation, discrimination, inequality, sexism, political repression, ignorance, racism, bigotry, unemployment, environmental destruction, homelessness, insecurity, superstition, corruption and crime are all inevitable products of this system. Many of these have all existed before capitalism but  have found a new meaning in this society, corresponding to the needs of capitalism of today drawing their rationale from the requirement of the capitalists  that rule the world today. The economic laws that govern the capitalist system relentlessly resists people's effort to eradicate and overcome these ills. 

The capitalist system’s primacy of profit exposes working people to mortal danger and irreparable damage. Capitalism is based on exploitation. The essence of capitalism and the basis of exploitation in this system is the fact that on the one hand, labour power is a commodity, and, on the other hand, the means of production are the private property of the capitalist class. The surplus value extracted from the exploitation of the working class is divided among the various sections of the capitalist class. Profit, interest and rent are the major forms in which the different capitals share the spoils of workers’ sweat.  The market mechanism and also through state fiscal and monetary policies, the competition between  each capitalist branch, unit and enterprise determines the share. This surplus pays the whole cost of the capitalists’ taxes to the state machine and administration so by its work, the working class pays the cost of the ruling class.

The motivating aim of economic activity is not the satisfaction of people's needs, but profitability and accumulation of capital. The socialist revolution is the abolition of private ownership of the means of production and their conversion into common ownership of the whole society, an end to the class division of society and to the wage-labour system. Thus, the market, exchange economy of commodities, and money disappear. Production for profit is replaced by production to meet people's needs and to bring about greater prosperity for all.

 Work, which in capitalist society for the overwhelming majority is an involuntary, mechanical and strenuous activity to earn a living, gives way to voluntary, creative and conscious activity to enrich human life. Everyone, by virtue of being a human being and being born into human society will be equally entitled to all of life's resources and the products of collective effort. From everyone according to their ability, to everyone according to their need — this is a basic principle of socialist society.  Socialism is a global society. National boundaries and divisions will disappear and give way to a universal human identity. Socialist society is a society without a state. The administrative affairs of the society will be managed by the cooperation, consensus and collective decision-making of all of its members.

Socialism is not a dream or utopia. All the conditions for the creation of such a society already exist within the capitalist world itself. The scientific, technological and productive powers of humanity have already grown so enormously that abundance and a society committed to the well-being of all are perfectly feasible.  The organisation of a world community with collective participation in the design, planning and execution of society's diverse functions is possible more than ever before.

A large part of our planet’s resources is now either wasted or deliberately not used to improve society and satisfy human needs. But socialism will apply all the creative and living power of billions of men and women to free them all from class bondage, wage-slavery and alienation.

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