Monday, June 17, 2019

Glasgow Branch Meeting (19/6)

June 19 at 7 pm 
Maryhill Community Central Halls, 
304 Maryhill Road, 
Glasgow G20 7YE

The Socialist Party recognises that only through socialism, the common ownership and democratic control of the means of producing wealth, can the people be freed from misery, we declare ourselves a socialist movement, and undertake to conduct campaigns among the people to win them to the need to establish socialism. We pledge ourselves to socialist understanding. It will be the task of the Socialist Party to establish a movement that will not only organise the energy and enthusiasm of our fellow-workers into the revolutionary struggle for socialism. It is our task to organize this energy in such a way that it strengthens the cause of socialism. We are now engaged in a struggle to build the Socialist Party, a party that can unite the working class over-throw capital and end the exploitation of mankind forever. Creating a world, a socialist society, where people live from birth to death never having to suffer under the chains of wage slavery is what all honest socialists should be fighting for.

The Socialist Party is based on the task of the emancipation of labour from the oppression of capital, the transfer of all means of production to social ownership and the capture of political power through capturing state power by the working class. 

There is a real need for genuine radicalism. We don’t mean the pettifogging, the slogan-mongering, the pseudo-Marxian profundities, the dogmatism, the bickerings and sectarian factionalism which have distinguished the Left and which carry a heavy onus of the responsibility for our own ineffectiveness.

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