Sunday, June 02, 2019

The heart of capitalism is in its bank-balance

So-called capitalist intellectuals draw their huge salaries just so they can lie to the people in order to prove the system's permanency. The Socialist Party has written much about the anarchy of production that it would require volumes. Our speakers understood, and still understand the capitalists’ squandering of resources. The production of murderous technology used in wars we classify as useless and harmful. We point out that millions are hired to produce such armaments are not doing any useful or lasting work for society. If instead of spending such energy and efforts in destroying things it would change the picture of our society a great deal. The Socialist Party also point out how, purely for the sake of profit, products are manufactured from shoddy materials. How the interests of the capitalists is to make sure that these products wear out and become obsolete quickly, so that they will then need to be replaced, as this will insure the most profit for them. And we point out how much unnecessary work and wasted energy this means. In certain branches of industry, production has increased so much that the capitalists don’t dare apply new discoveries, because their practical use would have a destructive effect on the current system.

The Socialist Party differs from every other political party in that it has set up the abolition of the wage system as its standard. The Socialist Party formed with the goal of fighting an effective class war against the property-owners. The Socialist Party is working on changing the basic foundation of the current social system. We accepted Marx's analysis regarding surplus value as well as historical materialism. The State is just a servant of commerce, a form of management, forced upon us, that is inadequate for conducting a modern social system. The exploitation of the wage system continues. And it will continue, until the workers take control of the land, the mines, the factories and the means of production, and abolish the wage system (or as some call it, the price system.) We are wage workers, wage slaves, and we bear the suffering of this system. The abolition of the wage system is our organization’s expressed goal, to which we hold to with firm commitment and conviction. capitalism can only be affected by money and gold. It is a cruel system which it rules unmercifully. Its convulsive grip and its terrible use are expressed in profit, poverty and want.

The future does not belong to those who are subservient. Let us organize, read, and learn, because we have no time to lose. The Socialist Party promises nothing, but if we become its members , the reward for our struggle will be a new, free, and happy system. A system in which there are no more classes, no more wage workers and no more parasites. A system, which will not be led by the privileged but carefully guarded by society’s producers. 

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