Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Socialist Ideas of the Socialist Party

What socialists do under capitalism is spread the case for socialism. Our main aim is to propagate socialist ideas in place of existing authoritarian and irrational ideas that help maintain capitalism. This involves us combating those ideas such as racism, nationalism, the idea that we need leaders, must have armies, need money, and also religion. Socialism doesn’t require people to behave all that differently from how most of us do most of the time at the moment, essentially only the accentuation of some of the behaviours we exhibit today (friendliness, helpfulness, cooperation) at the expense of others which capitalism encourages. The Socialist Party is not trying to lead anyone anywhere but are merely pioneers pointing the way.

The Socialist Party reasserts that the working and ruling classes of the world have nothing in common, and that every attempt to prevent the working classes of the world from uniting in their own interests requires the unqualified condemnation of all those who profess to speak in the interests of labour, regardless of their assertions and pretences to the contrary. The Socialist Party is in sympathy with the principle of unrestricted emigration of workers from one country to another and that attempts to limit, control or manipulate the working classes of the world is meant to serve the interests of the ruling classes of the world and also requires the unqualified condemnation of all those who profess to speak in the interests of labour. We oppose scapegoating migrants as the source of stagnant or falling wages, declining living standards and unemployment, and are hostile to any call for punitive measures against them. Unemployment, and whatever pressure immigrants place on wages, is a direct result of the competitive capitalist system itself. It is a by-product of the system of wage labour, which forces workers to compete for their livelihoods on the basis of the conditions laid down by the capitalist system. Accordingly, efforts to scapegoat migrants only serve to divide workers against one another, place greater hardships on migrants and their families, and draw attention away from the capitalist source of these problems.

The Socialist Party recognises that millions of workers who have migrated to in hopes of improving their lives have been bitterly disappointed and subjected to the most ruthless exploitation. It is clear that capitalism with its private ownership of the economy and exploitation of wage labour is responsible for economic hardship and insecurity for all workers; that it compels workers for economic reasons to leave their home countries and seek employment elsewhere; that immigration laws, whether promoted by so-called liberals or conservatives, only serve to benefit the capitalist class. Accordingly, the critical issue facing workers today is the abolition of capitalism and the establishment of socialism. Therefore, be it. The Socialist Party extends a fraternal hand of welcome to all immigrant workers and invites them to join in our efforts to abolish capitalism and establish the free and democratic Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth throughout the world.
The working class to organise a socialist party of its own to express its will to abolish capitalism, and to organise itself in the workplaces of the country to enforce that decision by taking, holding and operating the economy in the name of society. Only then can the working-class majority take control of its own destiny to ensure permanent prosperity, to uproot the cause of international conflicts, and to lay the foundation for worldwide cooperation and a lasting peace. 

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