Sunday, June 16, 2019

We want socialism

We live under the system of capitalism. By that very fact, inequality, class inequality, and therefore, social, economic and political inequality, are the inescapable preconditions for the continued existence of this profit economy. The economic differences between the classes are enormous; the variations in the standard of living between the capitalist class and the proletariat are tremendous; the bourgeoisie has many ways of enriching itself, the proletariat lives only on its wages.

The Socialist Party produces a guide to action, defining the focus of the direction in which the working class must be educated, organised and mobilised by its own experience to overthrow the bourgeoisie and establish socialism. Our Party is a working-class party based on the theory of Marxism. To make revolution and put an end to capitalism, the proletariat must have a clear plan. It must determine what the nature of the struggle is, who are its enemies, and who are its friends that can be rallied to its cause. After we have overthrown the capitalists we will establish socialism which will mean the rule of the people, the broadest democracy. We shall confiscate the factories, mines, railways, banks and large stores from the capitalists without compensation and turn them into the property of the people. The enormous waste of capitalism will be abolished.

Socialism is the future of humanity, a radically new society where classes and the state will have been completely eliminated. Socialism means tremendous progress. Humanity has not always been divided into classes. The State is simply an instrument by which one class dominates another. It became a necessity when society split into classes. Throughout history there have been many revolutions where the oppressed classes have broken the fetters that bound them and overthrown the ruling classes. When socialism is realised, classes and class inequalities will have been eliminated.

 The State and its instruments of repression will have ceased to exist; the class antagonisms that necessitated their existence will have ended. All social inequalities will have been banished; there will be no rich and no poor, and all members of society will contribute to the common good. Each person will contribute to society according to capacities, while society in turn provides for needs. The differences between workers and farmers, town and country, and manual and intellectual work will have disappeared. Each individual will develop to one's full potential.

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