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Workers have no borders

Change taking place in the world, in communities and in workplaces. There has emerged of a minority of people who now question the global capitalist system. The mood of the people is changing rapidly who feel emboldened to demand more from governments. Suddenly there are large numbers of people around who are moving in the same direction, questioning environment policies, challenging their ineffectiveness, asking why this is. If we look about us today we see that the world is filled with suffering and despair. A new mood of resistance is changing the political scene.

 The Socialist Party does not only dream of the day when the world shall know that men are brothers and that women are sisters to each other, but it is working without respite to make that dream come true. Socialism is the greatest thing in all the world today. Those who are clear-eyed enough see that socialism is coming and are at the battle-front fighting to overcome the prejudices against it and to pave the way so that it may come.

The Socialist Party is the only party that has the future of our children and grand-children at heart; the only party that has a message for them. The children of working people have always been poor because the world has never been just. For ages and ages those who have built the houses, cultivated the fields, raised the crops, spun the wool, woven the cloth, supplied the food we eat and the clothes we wear, and furnished the homes we live in, have been the poor and despised, while those who profited by their labour and consumed the good things they produced, have been the rich and respectable. The Socialist Party says there has got to be some changes made. It says that the world is big enough for all the people that are in it, with plenty of room to spare for parks and playgrounds; that there is land enough to go around without over-crowding; that there are farms enough, or can be easily provided, to raise all we can eat, so that no child in all the world need to go hungry; that there is plenty of minerals and metals, stored in the earth; that there are forests and mountains and water courses galore; that there are mills and mines and factories and trains, boats and planes and railways and communication networks, and the power supplied free by nature to run them all; that there are millions of men and women ready to do all the work that may be required to build homes, raise crops, bake bread – and cake too – weave cloth, make clothes and everything else that is necessary for everybody, and have time enough besides to build schools and provide playgrounds for every child to make this earth a children’s paradise.

For real individual freedom, economic security is certainly necessary. That is, to be really free, human beings must be secure from economic want, the fear of unemployment, poverty and the misery that the masses are heir to today. They must be free from the oppression of the boss. They must be free, too, from the necessity of serving in the ever-recurring wars of capitalist society. When, in the
course of human development, existing institutions prove inadequate to the needs of humanity, when they serve merely to enslave, rob, and oppress mankind, the people should overthrow these institutions. The Socialist Party goal is to establish a new world without capitalism and without the exploitation of man by man. Only the working class can make the socialist revolution.


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