Friday, June 07, 2019

Scotland - No different

A row has broken out between Scotland and Ireland over fishing rights around the uninhabited islet of Rockall,  an eroded volcano that lies 260 miles (418km) west of the Western Isles and is only 30m (100ft) wide and 21m (70ft) high above the sea. The UK claimed Rockall in 1955, but Ireland, Iceland and Denmark have previously challenged that claim.
The Scottish government has said it will take "enforcement action" against Irish vessels found fishing within 12 miles of Rockall from Saturday. The UK claims sovereignty over the North Atlantic outcrop but the Irish government does not recognise the claim.

"It is our duty and obligation to defend the interests of Scottish fisheries and ensure compliance with well-established international law."

Despite grand claims that it would act very differently from the UK if independent, we see now that any sovereign Scotland would act the very same - protect native business  and property rights. And just who chose to decide and include a barren piece of rock as an integral part of the Scottish nation to be defended?

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