Tuesday, June 18, 2019

XR blocks Edinburgh roads


Climate change campaigners have been arrested after closing off several major roads in Edinburgh city centre. The activists have blocked several roads in a "direct action" campaign. 
Police said "a small number of arrests" were made on Lothian Road, where six people were staging a road block. North Bridge and George IV Bridge were also affected, with city bus services delayed and diverted. Officers are urging motorists to avoid the area. 
One protestor, 32-year-old Malcolm White, said: "We're blocking traffic and disrupting people's daily lives because we are so afraid of the consequences of the climate emergency and the fact that the government is not taking nearly enough action.
"Their commitment to 2045 is unfortunately ecocide, it is going to be completely inadequate and it relies on technologies which are not prepared, they're not up to scale, and some of them don't even exist yet. Whereas actually, we really need to change the system that we live in and work in, in order to make it a more ecologically friendly and more just society."

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