Friday, October 30, 2015

FFS - For a Free Society

The Socialist Party was founded for the establishment of a free society and the abolition of all forms of exploitation. Every day is demonstrating more clearly the incompetence of our politicians to solve our problems. Many are beginning to realise that this incompetence is not due merely to the stupidity or corruption of individual leaders of industry and the government, but that the system itself cannot work properly any longer, whoever is in charge. More and more people are beginning to understand that the present system of society must itself be done away with and a new system substituted - that we must have a revolutionary change in the whole structure of society. The Socialist Party claims to know the nature of the revolutionary change that can save our society from continuing and increasing disintegration and degradation. The Socialist Party further claims, that with the support of the workers of will be able to assist the movement to bring about this change, and to establish political and economic democracy, guaranteeing peace, security, and the opportunity of individual development for all. The Socialist Party calls upon all who are no longer willing to suffer needless injustice and who have decided not merely to complain at but to change society.

The central contradiction of capitalism is unmistakably clear: it is the contradiction between a productive potential now physically capable of supplying amply all the basic needs of men and women, of freeing them forever from hunger, want, and insecurity, of enabling mankind as a whole thereby to develop creatively as truly human beings--between this and a system of social relations that prevents this productive possibility from manifesting itself, that directs its operations not to the fulfillment of human needs but to the making of profits for private individuals and corporations. Out of this contradiction, and the irreconcilable class division it creates-the division between those who do and those who do not have an interest of ownership in the means of production flow the myriad other contradictions that devastate modern society. It is the struggle of the small owning group to maintain its position of privilege against the just demands of the vast dispossessed majority.  

The aim of the Socialist Party is to join with the revolutionary workers of all other countries in building world socialism. A world socialist society is the only solution for the contradictions in present world society.  Only a socialist society can put to use rationally the natural resources and productive machinery of the earth in the interests of the peoples of the earth.   Only world socialism will remove the causes of hunger, wars and climate change that under capitalism now seriously threaten to send mankind into barbarism or complete destruction. Wage slavery and the profit system must be abolished. Our technology applied to our natural resources can be made the basis of a rich and growing life. The Socialist Party aims to establish a socialist economic system where the resources which nature has provided  and the productive machinery built by people will be owned by them in common and administered in their mutual  interest, without interference by profiteers of the capitalist system. With such conditions abundance for all will be available. Every family could at once have Food and clothing in abundance, a comfortable home, medical care, ample opportunity for education and recreation and the assurance under a true economic democracy that this standard of living would be secure, in fact could be steadily improved. Reforms have been tried before. In the end it always turns out that the masses are fooled and robbed in a new way. We must not be satisfied with half-measures. We will not be.

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