Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oceans Of Plastic?

As many as nine out of ten of the world's sea birds probably have pieces of plastic in their guts, a new study estimates. The birds mistake plastic for fish eggs so they think they are getting a meal. One researcher said, "I've seen birds eat everything from cigarette lighters to bottle caps, to model cars, even toys." It's obvious it's time to clean up the oceans, but can it be done in our present system? And, The New York Times reported recently that researchers have found a' stunning' amount of plastic in the world's greatest fresh water system, The Great Lakes. Studies show that there are about 7,000 plastic particles per square kilometre in Lakes Superior and Huron, 17,000 in Lake Michigan, 46,000 in Lake Erie and a whopping 248,000 in Lake Ontario. Another report published in "Global Change Biology" states that fifty-two per cent of turtles worldwide have eaten plastic debris. Not too surprising as, in this throw-away society, developed to increase profit, about thirteen million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans each year John Ayers.

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