Wednesday, August 10, 2016


An article in the Toronto Star of June 18th focused on just how insane things can get under capitalism. Lulu Island is a five kilometre long, man-made island running along the coast of Abu Dhabi. In the 1980's Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer planned to make it a leisure park. His planned attractions included an aquarium, conference centre and marina. None of these were built and when plans to build them were revived they were quashed by the economic downturn. Now the place is closed to the public. 
This doesn't mean its uninhabited. No sir. We live under capitalism where anything is possible. It's home to 165 stray cats. According to Susan Aylutt, who leads the aid group, Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi, "the flora and fauna live in harmony with each other and everything lives in harmony with the cats." 
Let's just be pleased that somewhere there is harmony under capitalism. 
 John Ayers.

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