Sunday, August 14, 2016

Under Constant Attack

An article in the Canadian Jewish News of June 23rd mentioned the plight of the Yazidis, an ethnic group whose existence most people aren't aware of. 750 years ago there were 23 million Yazidis. Now there are 2 million, half of whom are living in the middle east, mostly Iraq. Their religion does not allow them to kill anyone unless that person is on their doorstep, by which time it's too late. This certainly explains why, in the volatile middle east, their ranks have grown thinner.
According to a reporter, Michael Diamond, the Yazidis are ". . . . under constant attack. Their men are being killed off, their boys kidnapped and forced into becoming Jihadists, their women, and girls, raped and enslaved, by ISIS and other radical(?) Islamists who regard them as the worst from of infidels."
Diamond shows clearly the governments of the world are doing next to squat to help them. The Canadian government is the best of a bad bunch by allowing entry into Canada of a grand total of nine – nine! When did the capitalist class and its political stooges give a damn about human suffering?
One's mind recoils in horror at such atrocities and asks, when will it all end? The answer will not be found within the present day society whose very nature pits man against man. Only when the world's working class realize they have no enemy, including the capitalist class, but do have an enemy in the capitalist system and work for its abolition, will such atrocities stop 

John Ayers.

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