Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Socialist Party’s Social Revolution

The Socialist Party is a political organisation whose mission is to carry forth the social revolution. No one person, no leader, can alone accomplish what must be done. We all must do our part. The Socialist Party’s role is to inspire other people to want to stand up and have a voice of their own. That’s basically what the World Socialist Movement – to just get people to fight for what’s right. Don’t be afraid to come out and have your voices heard. We work so hard, just to live and survive, yet we can’t even have a decent life because we’re struggling so much.

The Socialist Party since it was established has consistently held aloft the banner of socialism. For the first time in the history of this country a party of working men and women has put forward a delegate for parliament on one issue alone—to capture the powers of government for the sole purpose of dispossessing the capitalist class of their ownership of the means of production and establishing Socialism in place of the present social order.

 Despite the wiles of the pro-capitalist class politicians and anti-socialists, the Socialist Party has not deviated from the Socialist principles or changed its policy. Our case is clear, direct and simple and is the only one in the interests of the workers. The only thing that matters is the development of a consciousness of working-class solidarity. Socialism is the answer to every social question importance. Socialism knows no frontier. It matters nothing that the UK may be peopled by any or all nationalities on the capitalist globe. That would make no difference to the movement of the working class towards the world-embracing co-operative commonwealth. The workers of all nations make common cause against the common capitalist exploiter.

At our public meetings, we stressed the fact that voters who are not in favour of sweeping revolution should not vote for our delegate. We also stress our opposition to reform policies and point out that we could do nothing for the workers: that socialism was something the workers must accomplish themselves. Over the years we have been told that if we wait until the workers understand socialism we would have to wait hundreds of years. As workers, we repudiated this smear at the intelligence of our class. We have at our disposal, the best of all weapons, the only solution to working class poverty and misery, and working class brains, energy and enthusiasm with which to put it forward. Workers are at last turning away from the sterile policies that have befogged them and are now willing to listen to the case for socialism.

Marx talked about alienation as a separation from the fruits of one's labour. While that is certainly truer than ever, the separation and isolation now is more extensive and governs the entirety of social life in a consumer-based society run by the demands of commerce and the financialisation of everything which has created a new kind of social formation and social order in which it becomes difficult to form communal bonds, deep connections, a sense of intimacy, and long-term commitments. Rather than suffering alone individuals need to be able to identify -- see themselves and their daily lives -- collectively. The Socialist Party is working to change consciousness, making education central to politics itself, exposing the cheerleaders for the capitalist elite and the corporations who destroy every vestige of solidarity in the interest of amassing huge amounts of wealth and power.  Humans count for little more than machines.

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