Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Racism in Glasgow University

 A report into racism at the University of Glasgow has found half of black and minority ethnic students surveyed have been harassed more than twice since beginning their studies.

The university’s own review found half of all BAME students surveyed had been harassed between two and five times since beginning their studies. One in 20 students reported more than 20 separate incidents of harassment, while more than a quarter of BAME students who took part agreed the university had “a serious problem with racism”.

The report also highlighted a reluctance to report such harassment because of a lack of confidence that such incidents would be taken seriously, combined with a fear of reprisals from fellow students and staff.

The report also included examples of overt racism, such as one staff member who was called a “black bastard” by a colleague. When they reported the incident to their line manager, they were asked “what did you do to make her say that?” 

Another staff member described the extreme mental strain of senior management’s indifference to the racism they were experiencing: “Management made me know I was a black person in Scotland … I have never been so demoralised in my life and have lost all my dignity.”

Half of BAME students harassed at Glasgow University, report shows | University of Glasgow | The Guardian

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ajohnstone said...

A celebration of black and LGBT culture hosted by the university's African and Caribbean Society, with other student groups, was been "hijacked" on Zoom.

The attackers shouted racist slurs, chanted homophobic slogans and played pornography during the University of Edinburgh event, on Sunday.