Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Anarchy of Capitalism


Socialism is on the agenda — and right now. But it will not come by people putting their trust in leaders. It will be established when the vast majority of workers understand it, want it and democratically organise for it in a party which is not out to mend capitalism but to end it.

Socialism means the total abolition of capitalism. An end to private and state ownership and control of the means of wealth production and distribution. Production will be solely for use, with all people having free access to the common store of goods and services, instead of production for sale with a view to profit.

To win workers to organise for socialism is no small task and it is easy to be demoralised or to deceive yourself that there is an easier way to initiate the new system. But there is no alternative to the hard work being carried out by the Socialist Party — whose sole aim is socialism — and the sooner those who want socialism join us, the sooner it will be achieved.

The immediate aim of the Socialist Party is the creation of a class-free and state-free society in which the guiding principle will be From each according to ability, to each according to need". Socialism is about freedom, the freedom of people in their everyday lives and activities to decide collectively how much to produce, how much to consume, how much to work and how much to rest. Freedom to decide, collectively and individually, what to consume, how to produce and how to work. Freedom to participate in determining the running of society.  

Capitalism is set up with one thing in mind – to make the most profits possible for a handful of people. It is the system under which we, and our parents and grandparents before us, did all the toil. We sweated in the factories, went down the mines, built the cities to receive only enough to exist upon and only if we fought hard enough for it. The small number of capitalists made huge fortunes off of our labour. The Socialist Party stands for the complete overthrow of the capitalist system and the establishment of  a socialist system where it is no longer possible to make a profit from the general misery of peopleThere are several parties around calling themselves “communist” or “socialist" and  they dress themselves up with high-sounding revolutionary phrases, but underneath they are defenders of state-capitalism. We stand for socialism: a system in which the people own and control the  economy. Capitalism is an outlived system of  private profit , whether or not represented as the “welfare state” and whether or not its government is administered by self-styled “socialists.” It perpetuates poverty, unemployment, racism, environmental destruction and wars. The so-called Communist Party regimes of the past had nothing in common with socialism.

This country is not ours. It is the country of our masters. It belongs to them. Therefore its defence may very well be left to them. We have no other interest in the matter. We are not nationalists or patriots but wage-slaves and we are not ready to sacrifice our lives for our masters. Job security, a comfortable home, good healthcare and excellent education for our children are not possible under the present system where all production is limited to what will pass through the bottle-neck called “profit.” It requires a system of planned production for use. We say that capital and labour have no interests in common. 

The capitalist class tries to convince workers that socialists have nothing to offer them. They project an image of socialism as a bureaucratic world full of regimented people. Socialists are depicted as subversives, out to rob the people of their freedoms. The reality is very different. The Socialist Party wants to replace the rule of a handful of exploiters, the monopoly of capitalists, with the rule of the working class, the producers of the wealth of society. We seek to replace the anarchy of capitalist production, with its recessions and unemployment, with a planned  economy, based on the needs of the people. We stand for the fullest democracy for the many  over the few, that handful of parasitic Robber Barons who rule the today.

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