Sunday, April 18, 2021

Liberation of the people, liberation of their passion

 War on the palaces

And peace to the cottages"

Chartist slogan

It is the elementary principles and self-evident of Marxism that the class struggle will transform capitalist society into socialist society is a struggle primarily between the waged working class and the capitalist class. A revolutionary socialist party is a party which represents the historic interests of the working class and stresses the importance of the independent action of the working class. The Socialist Party is opposed to the system of society in which we live today. The Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes are not your flags. It is the Red Flag of socialism that we march behind singing the workers anthem, The Internationale. We Socialists scorn Old Glory and instead extol the Red Flag as the symbol of kinship and revere it as an augury of worldwide peace, harmony, and brotherhood, we cling to it as the inspiring standard in the great international fight against corruption, exploitation, and oppression. We are proud of the Red Flag. Our allegiance to it is open and honest.

Our aim is to see established a democratic world community without frontiers—in which the natural and industrial resources of the world have become the common heritage of all humanity, and are used in co-operation to produce wealth directly for needs, with free access for all to the available goods and services, according to their own self-defined needs. The future society must not only rid us of the exploitation of man by man, but also allow mankind more independence by reducing "necessary working time" and maximising socialised productive forces and the productivity of socialised labour. That is why our ideal is large-scale centralised, organised and planned production, tending towards the organisation of the entire world economy.

Socialism is radical and revolutionary. Radical, because it goes to the very root of the social trouble; it does not believe in reforms and makeshifts, it wants to change things from the very bottom. Revolutionary, not because it wants bloodshed, but because it clearly foresees that revolution is inevitable; it knows that capitalism cannot be changed to socialism without a class struggle between the possessing classes and the dispossessed masses.

No state will exist in a socialist society since all differences between classes will disappear. Socialists consider the state as the organisation of the ruling classes, an instrument of oppression and violence. It is only natural that it cannot then speak of a future state. In this future, there will be no classes, no class oppression, therefore no instrument of this oppression and no state power.  A "class-free state" is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Socialism is a Commune without police, without an army, without a bureaucracy’s officialdom

A money-free, state-free world commonwealth is the only framework within which current social problems can be permanently solved, since it is only on this basis that production can be oriented towards satisfying human needs. This social revolution can only be carried out when once a majority of working people throughout the world want it, fully understand its implications, and organise democratically and politically to achieve it.  The written and spoken word is still necessary along with actual political and economic action.

The ruling class writes history from their own perspective, therefore its often dishonest, blaming many of our social ills on human nature to absolve the economic system of any cause. The purpose of nearly everyone in capitalist society is to support the 10% percent of the population in luxury and to fulfil whatever their desires maybe. Working people have always been indoctrinated to fulfil the wants of a dominant few. To survive on a world scale we need to realize that we must cooperate instead of competing. Our prime concern must be the welfare of this and its next generation. If society’s fundamental interest remains to satisfy the few in power and don’t accept we need to maintain civilisation, we will be doomed. The capitalist lives by exploiting othersThe more his workers sweat and suffer under him, the more his capital accrues and prospers, the richer the capitalist becomes and the more he enjoys life. Mors tua vita mea, the capitalist says - your death is my life. In spite of all this, capitalists must preserve their workers — under Spartan subsistence levels, it is true — but it must nonetheless preserve it, on pain of committing suicide, hence the reluctant passing of various social reforms. There is no one more detestable than a parasite pretending to be a slave and disguised as a revolutionary serving the interests of the employing class.

No more masters and no more wage-slaves: every person free and equal. No more  one against all and all against one, but one for all and all for one. It is the simplest expression of our revolutionary ideal.


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