Saturday, April 24, 2021

What we want is life


“There is this justification for political action, and that is, to control the forces of the capitalists that they use against us; to be in a position to control the power of government so as to make the work of the army ineffective, so as to abolish totally the secret service and the force of detectives. That is the reason that you want the power of government… Big Bill Haywood

The Socialist Party said to be dogmatic and sectarian. We readily confess our guilt,  in so far as we hold ideas that make us strive to end capitalism. We are dogmatic because we talk about surplus value, another expression for rent, interest, dividend, etc. We are sectarian because we teach the class war, another way of asking the workers to cut adrift from the capitalist parties and form one for themselves in opposition to them. We are said to be too extreme. We fight for nothing short socialism, because we believe that nothing short of that will save the workers. 

The robber barons of Wall Street and the City of London are always hungry for profits. The antidotes to the economic crieses threaten to be more lethal than the original poison. Capitalism is responsible for all the violence in the world—only workers have the power to bring prosperity and peace. The power of the capitalist class depends upon how effective they are in convincing the working class that we have no power. They own the mass media that bombards us with lies and subterfuge.  The capitalist class knows full well that without the cooperation and collaboration of workers, the capitalist parties would be utterly powerless. They convince us that we are powerless against them—not only to end their power over us—but to even dream that a another world beyond capitalist war and exploitation could exist. Socialism is the way to end poverty and injustice, and it is attainable. All we need to do is realise that the power is in our hands, and our hands alone. Together.  Working people can end capitalism and build a world that can fulfill the needs and wants of all, instead of providing profits for the wealthy. Workers together with our own revolutionary party, completely independent of the capitalist class, have the power to end the barbarity of capitalist enslavement and war once and for all.

Capitalism can’t be reformed. It must continue on its profit-driven warpath. It cannot fulfill the needs of the majority of humanity—it never has. The vast majority of the Earth’s human population under capitalism has been impoverished for centuries. It is an economic system based upon the exploitation and oppression of the working class—the overwhelming majority. Capitalism has no other source of power other than the enslavement of the working class and the exploitation of our labor, which is how they maintain their power. Capitalists are not Gods; they are human. Without us, the working class, they are a tiny, untalented, helpless minority of despots posing as super-human deities. It is the working class that has the power to change the world for the better because it is the working class that knows how to do all the work. We can change the war industry into a human industry— building things we all need to live a fruitful and happy life with equality and justice for all—a world free of poverty, want and war. Only workers can build a new and better world. The capitalist class  is a hindrance to all the necessary work needed to build a healthy and prosperous future for all of us. Instead of building homes, they invest in building bombs. Instead of  clean and renewable energy, they spew pollution onto the land and into the oceans, rivers and streams. Their sole concern is to increase their profits We must embrace socialism as the only way to rid the world of this vicious system. We must be hostile to the capitalist parties—including those parties that seek to reform capitalism into a “kinder and gentler” capitalism—because there is no such thing. We oppose capitalism because we want to build a world of peace, democracy, economic and social equality—a world without violence, oppression, slavery and starvation.  


Capitalism promotes and festers violence among the working class over superficial differences in order to divide us—to convince us that we are each other’s enemy—and to hide the fact that it is they who are the enemy of all human kind. We workers have much more in common with one another than our differences. We all want to live a happy and comfortable life. We want to see a bright future for our children. We want to enjoy the comfort of our homes. We want good food, housing, education, clean water, air, and a pristine environment that flourishes with life. We want to heal the sick and care for our elders and safeguard the planet for the future of all the life that shares it with us. We must put aside our differences, and embrace our commonality, our love of life and of a better future.

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