Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Socialism - Economic Democracy

 The present crises, which encompasses all countries has definitely shown the absurdity of capitalism. The further maintenance of the private ownership of the means of production threatens humanity with degeneration and barbarism.  

The basis of society is economic. That basis is ripe for socialism in a double sense: modern technology has advanced to a point where it can assure a high standard of living to all mankind; but the capitalist property system, which has outlived itself, dooms the masses to ever-increasing poverty and suffering.

Capitalism has failed miserably to provide the basic necessities of life for hundreds of millions of workers around the world Like all thieves, bosses have no honor among themselves. They are constantly falling out. Capitalism means the ruination of our class, our families, our friends. Only world socialism offers working-people an alternative to the misery of capitalism. We want a society whose workers run everything in the interests of the world's peoples. We want a system that encourages every worker to become involved in running society; that educates everyone to act for the common good and does not indoctrinate people to "look out for number one;" that opposes placing selfish interests above the social needs. We want society to help each person grow. Socialism will abolish the wage system. Ending the wage system will reduce the problems capitalism causes inside the working class. In a socialist society, the principle "to each according to need" will be as basic as the principle "every man for himself" is to capitalism. With socialism the principle of work will be voluntary and "from each according to ability." People will work because they want to, because their class brothers and sisters around the world need their work. Socialism will abolish socially useless forms of work that exist now only for capitalist profit. Socialism will not need millions of lawyers, advertisers, or salespeople. In one stroke, it will do away with layers of needless government bureaucrats, as well as the hordes of petty supervisors and administrators who oversee and manage us for the bosses. It will free everyone to perform socially useful work, which is the source of true creativity. Capitalism cannot do anything but accumulate more and more capital. It is as obvious that the capitalists aren’t planning and can’t plan for a peaceful world! Conflict is in the blood of the capitalists.

The fundamental premise of socialism – that is, the economic premise – has already been present for some time. But capitalism will not disappear from the scene automatically. Only the working class can assume collective ownership over production and distribution from the stranglehold of the exploiters. If working people for one reason or another, prove incapable of capturing political power the continued decay of civilization will follow, climate calamities will pile up, despair and despondency will engulf the people. Other than the socialist revolution, there is no way out. When faced with barbarism or socialism, there is no longer a choice. The rejection of socialism can be likened to someone who would rather drown than get into a lifeboat. The choice is ours. Sink or swim – socialism or barbarism.

A better world is not only possible, but an urgency if we do not intend to return to barbarism. Whether you want it or not, the socialist revolution is the only alternative at the moment. And also it is the most beautiful of all the alternatives. Socialism will transform class society into a commonwealth. There is no other answer and no other escape.


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