Thursday, April 08, 2021

Lie with dogs and get fleas


Serial party-founder, George Galloway, launches a unionist party, All for Unity, which will stand candidates in all eight regions of the country.

His fellow members include right-wingers such as UKIP and Tommy Robinson supporters

During the  2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign Galloway said, "I have always hated nationalism. My flag is red. I care nothing for either the Scottish or the British flags.” 

A sentiment shared by the Socialist Party even if Galloway’s later Brexit support suggested that he was indeed a British nationalist and that the Union Jack was indeed his flag.

To be clear, by refusing to join the Scottish separatists and advocate for an independent sovereign state of Scotland, the Socialist Party is no way endorsing the current status quo of the union.

A plague on both Westminster and Holyrood. 

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