Wednesday, August 07, 2019

A Glaring Contradiction.

A recent report by the Auditor General of Ontario's office has discovered that there is a discrepancy between the amount of people waiting for a place to live on Toronto's centralized housing wait list and homes available. 

The list has grown to 102,000 households, but there are 1,400 empty units, ten per cent of which are being used by contractors for storage. The Toronto Community Housing (TCH) had 200 bachelor units designated for seniors sitting empty in 2018, despite 11,300 senior households hoping to get into subsidized homes, the report said. Of that group 87 per cent never received an offer during wait times that averaged three and a half years.

 The TCH people came up with some weak excuses, such as the lists being poorly maintained and not enough personnel, but nevertheless, whether the excuses be good or bad it still means the same thing: that houses are empty when people need a home, which is another one of capitalism's glaring contradictions.

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