Saturday, August 10, 2019

What is the future of humanity?

Do we stand upon the threshold of death and destruction for the whole of mankind? Or do we stand upon the threshold of a new age of unparalleled peace and plenty, the brotherhood of man?

The Socialist Party dares to venture an answer. It dares to pose the alternative that has unmistakably risen before us. The Socialist Party demands life with socialism before death under capitalism overtakes us all. The difficult thing to understand about the capitalist system is the irrational fact that all production can be placed on hold, and that millions can be removed from their workplaces and forced to stop production, merely because under capitalist ownership, the whole of society has to submit to a tiny class of capitalists to their accumulate even more to their wealth. modern industry is suited to cooperative production at high efficiency with abundant output assured, and that there is no good reason why such efficient production could not start right now. Hence, the general impatience of socialists about the restrictions and fetters on production. It is one of the outstanding absurdities of capitalism that the capitalist system prevents production of abundance.

Everybody knows about the insanity of this capitalist system we all live under. There is TOO MUCH of everything but people go without what they need. Automation and robotics of new technology has made a world of plenty for all a greater possibility yet capitalism can exist only on the basis of a system of scarcity. We have the factories and raw material that can produce a world of plenty. We have the willing hands and brains to do the task. All we have to do is distribute what is produced. But we don’t own the factories or their supplies. Those who produce have nothing to say about whether they’ll be used and for what. The factories and machinery are owned by a small handful of capitalists, the 1% who won’t let a wheel turn unless they can make a profit. And that profit comes out of the wealth which labour produces. We are the hands and brains who do the producing. All we have to do is come together with the factories and machines, without any capitalist class holding us apart. That means WE have to own and control the factories and machines we work on. We, the working people, organised collectively. Let us abolish the capitalist profit-suckers. Take over our the world, organise it democratically and produce to the limit as science can provide, produce enough to give plenty for all. And distribute what we produce for the use of the people!

The productivity of this planet is already the greatest it has been in the history of humanity and could raise the entire world population to a higher and genuinely decent standard of living – to PLENTY FOR ALL. What stands in the way? The capitalist class gorges upon the greatest share of the fruits of this productive capacity. The capitalists fight like the wolves to guard every scrap of their unearned share. Their kind of a future, i.e., constant unemployment, continual exploitation and permanent war is precisely what we in the Socialist Party seeks to abolish. The wealth and productive facilities around the globe could supply the material basis for a new social organisation which would ensure plenty for all in the shortest time. But the capitalist ownership of industry and their control of the governments stands in the way of using these riches and facilities for the benefit of mankind. The productive facilities of a socialist world would free human beings for the first time on our planet.

Join in the fight for socialism. The fight for socialism has become the fight for the very existence of humankind. Let us break once and for all the chains of exploitation and establish the true free society of socialism. The Socialist Party knows what full production can accomplish, they know that the fetters on production must be removed because only socialism can take the capitalist fetters off production. The hope of the people is a socialist world of freedom, a system, of production for use and not for profit, a system that would eliminate exploitation for all time. The Socialist Party was founded by the conviction that there is no hope for a new and better world except through the achievement of the new social order of socialism, a world of peace, freedom and plenty for all.

The Socialist Party believes that as long as we permit capitalism to exist, poverty and wars will be inevitable. It states that the workers have nothing to gain from capitalism and everything to lose. The Socialist Party therefore teaches that the workers of all nations must regard each other as brothers and sisters and stand together in behalf of the interests of world's workers. In order to gain a world of plenty for all, freedom, and a permanent peace, the capitalist system must be abolished and replaced with a socialist system.

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