Thursday, August 29, 2019

Looking forward, not backward.

Capitalism creates a situation where large masses of the people are dissatisfied, embittered, emboldened by intolerable hardships. Capitalism itself prepares the conditions for social evolution. The overthrow of the the capitalist system, grows out of the misery brought on by the crisis of capitalism. When we struggle against capitalism we are doing what is right and just for the future of humanity. In a class-free society there is nobody to suppress or keep in check. Class distinctions are done away with and both riches and poverty are being abolished. Exploitation of man by man is abolished. The rule “let each person work according to ability; let each person receive from the common stock of goods according to need” is established.

A revolution in technology has occurred and is still in process. It is impossible for this system of private ownership and profit to function, to supply the needs of the population today. The capitalist system acts as a brake upon production so that, as the phrase goes, you have “want in the midst of plenty.” socialism is i a worldwide economy. Every effort to establish “planned” production under private capitalism breaks down, since the competition between rival capitalists, within a nation and capitalist groups in different nations disrupts such efforts.The expansion of capitalism comes from the accumulate profits. Profits can only be made by fiercer exploitation, cutting down the living standards, of the people, taking away even such concessions as were previously made.

 Capitalism today means environmental destruction, continuous conflicts, possibly leading to the eventual collapse of civilisation. The one road to security, to peace, to freedom, to cultural advancement is the road to socialism. This is your choice – capitalist chaos or world socialism. Socialism is the order of the day throughout the world. Only the working class is capable of saving humanity from barbarism.

For the reformists they all believe that the capitalist class (usually referred to simply as "business interests") creates wealth rather than legally steals it from those who do actually create it — the working class. They all believe that the free market and competition offers the most efficient and viable method of producing wealth ever conceived by humankind, despite the untold misery it has caused but can't do anything about. They all believe in state repression of those who try to resist the system or who are denied access to wealth on the grounds that they are not part of "the business community", and who commit terrible crimes like joining trade unions to defend their meagre interests in the market place. They all believe in the 
necessity of a "strong defence capability” to safeguard the interests of Britain and the British — a Britain where one person owns more wealth than nineteen of the rest of us put together on average and where the majority's stake in "the national interest" is little more than a huge mortgage and a second-hand car. And they all believe that they — the guides and beneficent manipulators of our economic and moral interests are capable of bringing wealth and success to the mass of the population. They do nothing to offer real hope, real encouragement or a real sense that things can be different. They merely reinforce the spread of scepticism and apathy among an already downhearted and dispirited working class.

The Socialist Party is a revolutionary Marxian party, whose aim is the organisation of the working class for the transformation of the existing social system. All of its activities and methods are subordinated to this aim and are designed to serve it. A political organisation that proclaims that it is the party of the working class will consider its primary task is to go talk to the workers, and will clarify socialist ideas by explaining the important changes in society, and the need for the workers to lead themselves in all their actions, not an outside party substituting themselves for the working class. The socialist revolution is the first revolution aimed at a consciously planned overthrow of existing society. That is, it does not seek to return to a previous era, like the slave, nor does it seek to merely legalise its political domination of society in a situation where an economic transfer of power has already taken place, as had occurred in England in the seventeenth century and in France in the eighteenth century. Like other revolutions, the working class revolution grows out of class antagonisms, but the workers’ revolution does not stop at the political seizure of power. It continues overthrowing all existing human relationships and brings the whole working class into self-activity. The socialist revolution can only conclude with the construction of a global class-free society. Those workers who today already recognise the necessity of socialism ought to take the next step and join the Socialist Party on its path towards the revolutionary goal. Our road is indeed not a smooth one. We are still faced with many hard tests. But in this great cause we have voluntarily dedicated ourselves. The Socialist Party does not constitute a huge political force and we are not as yet a political pressure to be truly reckoned with — but the Socialist Party offers one thing - the scientific and logically-arrived at view that is able to account for society as it is and has a clear, practical vision of how it really could be. Without us it would indeed be a cynical, cold and miserable outlook for humanity. With us — and more importantly with you — organising for genuine change, there could yet be a ray of hope. We still wait for the real, significant revolt of understanding and which will sweep away capitalism.

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