Wednesday, August 28, 2019

We can make the changes

Putrefying capitalism is deadlocked. They know their system has failed - and they have no answers. The capitalist class have no perspective to offer society other than even more of that which is causing the problems. Possibly the most profound trend that is now emerging and rapidly advancing is not necessarily the recent decline in profitability of the wages system of production, but a decline rather in the confidence of the ruling class to convince us of the validity of their system. Yet for its part, the working class has been unable to implement its own historic solution to the contradictions of capitalist society – world socialism. How much longer can this malaise continue? Only as long as we want it to! There is a solution. It is founded firstly in an understanding of the basis of our insecurity and exploitation, which is the world system of production for profit. That is the Capitalist Mode of Production. We must think and discuss this fundamental fetter upon humanity constantly in a spirit of openness, and keep in close touch with what other people are thinking. And it is to be found in a rejuvenated working class solidarity which rejects reforms and palliatives in order to keep us a bit sweeter in the short term. It also resides in a genuine desire to learn and to educate ourselves about the potential we have within us.

 We need not sell our bodies and mental capacities to mendacious capitalists. Make no mistake, the wealth of the ruling capitalist elite is founded upon extracting surplus value from the labour of workers. We can make the world for the majority and no longer be slaves to the wages system of production. Our common endeavour can create a democratic world society in which production will be based upon need and not elitist profit, we can abolish money and utilise the resources of the earth for the benefit of all, no matter how disempowered some of our fellow world citizens may seem to be today. Rather than acquiesce to the ruling class which will only see us sink further into the gutter, let us aspire to a new form of society in which hope trumps desperation and the world socialist future is the only way forward for all of us.

It is a disgraceful indictment of a so-called civilised society. Poverty can be replaced by plenty, war, hunger and worry can be supplanted to the past as a rational, state-free, money-free, co-operative world society becomes the true expression of our common will. A form of society which has never before existed. And the Earth will belong to us all. It's our choice. If we vote for more rulers and the continued ownership of the world by a handful of people then it doesn't really matter how politicians share the spoils. But if the workers of the world used the vote to positively reject false choices we will be further on the road towards a truly democratic society.

If we vote to make the wealth of the world common property in which we all have an equal say, then we can finally have socialism - on a world scale. We can put an end to minority rule, and we can organise our common affairs in our own interest.
Capitalism can be defeated once everyone decides it can be beaten. And then we can set about organising a higher and more human form of society in a completely new way. We can collectively build and create a new and truly democratic world society in which production is for need and not for profit, in which people co-operate rather than compete to produce the necessities of life.

The Socialist Party
stands for a world society in which human ingenuity and creativity will be placed at the secular altar of majority Human need and not the pyre of minority Capitalist expropriation. It is not about trying to reform or regulate a social system which has reached its useful objective limits, it is about creating a new world society. We therefore need to keep in touch with what other people who share our thinking that the only viable future for the human race lies – in that post-capitalist society of common ownership of the world. It is impossible to be neutral in this debate.

Come on - Lets do it!

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