Sunday, August 25, 2019


The Socialist Party openly declare our aims, our perspective, and our attitude. We have come together to work for socialism. Everything we do is a step towards socialism. Today all roads should lead to socialism.

The world today is a place of bewildering contradictions. The greatest industrial and agricultural power in history cannot feed, house and provide a decent life for billions of people who toil away just to survive, while billionaires squander fortunes. Poverty and economic insecurity exist alongside extravagance. Our world suffers horrible degradation and exploitation. Why is there such an agonising gap between what is and what could be, between the promises and the potential. The stark reality and our despair cries out for the welfare of humanity. The capitalist system under which we live is responsible. Its exploitation, violence, racism and war stifles our lives. The rich have one basic goal in life: to make more and more profits, and they accomplish this by dominating economics, politics, and culture. Capitalism thrives on the private or State control of society’s wealth and production. It is an irrational and unjust system. But need not have to be this way.

We can change our lives and society. We can end exploitation and injustice, by overthrowing the capitalists. We can replace capitalism with a rational and humane system – socialism. Socialism where social wealth is controlled by society and for the benefit of society; where the common good, not profits, is the chief concern; where working people run society. It is time to bury the miseries of capitalism and we are its grave-diggers. The socialist revolution has not only become a possibility, it is now a necessity. There is no other choice today but for the working people to organise to struggle and, one day, win socialism. By fundamentally changing the social system socialism will qualitatively improve the lives of the working people. The people’s movement is stained with the blood of martyrs as the creativity and toil of workers tried to improve their position in society, and those struggles can never be fully extinguished while injustices remain. The people demand a society without exploitation and discrimination. People protest against pollution and environmental destruction; the grave dangers of nuclear war.

Every person is faced with the choice of either enduring the suffering brutalisation of capitalism; or joining with others who are dissatisfied and know that a better society is possible. Women and men, young and old, and people of all lands are realising we must unite to survive, to be able to work, eat and live as decent human beings. If working people, and not the capitalist class controlled the great resources of our society, we could improve all our lives. We guarantee a healthy quality of life for all. We could have a society which basis is equality built on a foundation established for complete emancipation. We could live in a society that is not preparing constantly for war and self-extinction.

These are the hopes of the Socialist Party. These are the aspirations that encourage us forward. Much has changed since our organisation saw the light of day one thing is still the same: There are classes and exploitation of the working people is continuing. As long as there are class-differences there will be need for a revolutionary socialist party. The party’s aim is socialism where all oppression and exploitation of man, all class-differences are vanished. Our party therefore will fight with peaceful means for the interests of the working people. In its struggle for a new society, the Socialist Party seeks to attain its objectives by peaceful and orderly means. The Socialist Party asks all workers who agree with us, to contact us and join in the party’s work. We must carry on the class struggle against capitalism, until we are in control as workers of all political and industrial power.

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