Saturday, August 24, 2019

Comprehending our World

To rebuild the fighting capacity of the working class we require to understand the world better. There is massive cynicism and distrust of the system, its inability to provide basic services, its determination deprive us of the necessities of life and to impose unaccountable bureaucracies to rule our lives. The problem is, what course of action can offer a solution? In these dark hours the Socialist Party reaffirm our belief in international socialism and in the principles of human brotherhood as the only great force in the world that can bring order to chaos and prevent a climate catastrophe. We stand against race hatred and nationalist mob rule.

Capitalism has nothing to offer but the uncertainty of tomorrow, the prospect of poverty and unemployment, environmental disasters and war. The struggle between class interests dominates social life in all capitalist countries. Society is divided into two camps, where the working class and the capitalist class stand against one another. The struggle between these two classes is the most important contradiction in capitalist society. The working class is the only revolutionary class under capitalism. It is the historical task of the working class to put an end to capitalist exploitation and oppression. The most dangerous supporters of capitalism, are the various “worker’s parties” and “socialists” that pretend to be anti-capitalists. Reformism will always try to paralyse the workers’ struggle and lead it astray and towards reconciliation with the class enemy. It is the ideological support of the ruling class. The answer to the exploitation of the workers of the world is not reform, but revolution. Another world is necessary – revolution and socialism is the solution. Capitalism cannot be reformed into a socially wholesome system. It must be replaced. The choice is between the workers of the world destroying capitalism, and the capitalists destroying the world. Only a politically conscious and organised working class will be able to wrestle power from the ruling class.

Socialism is the power of the working class. Socialism knows no unemployment or economic crises. Planned economy secures social and sensible use of the resources. Production will be planned on the basis of what serves society, not what yields the most profit. The producers themselves, the workers, will decide what to produce and how – not “the market”. A class-free society is the goal where classes and the state have ceased to exist, and people have attained full and unlimited freedom upon the principle “From each according to ability, to each according to needs.” Socialism means the end to class struggle. If we fail to educate, to organise and to prepare the working class for a clear understanding of, and for the attainment of revolutionary socialism, instead victories on the way, they will be turned into defeats. The setback for socialism resulting from the false solutions of labourism and bolshevism, has given capitalism a breathing space. The “Left” has nothing else to offer other than a reformed yet unattainable“considerate and compassionate” capitalism. The Left is unable to mobilise the working class in defence of its interests so instead the Left once more looks towards the capitalist Labour Party as an alternative to the Tories. Let’s not be misled by surface appearances - the nature of the Labour Party has not changed. Our critics accuse us of being against ameliorative measures. Not at all, we reply but it devolves upon them to demonstrate that these measures are ameliorative to the working class. If they can demonstrate that these immediate demands are something of value which benefit workers and will be justify with the sidetracking of the socialist movement, diverting the energy that must be exerted in order to push forward to socialism. That this can be demonstrated we deny. The majority of reforms bring just a slight measure of relief, while they would take their attention from the things for which we stand which would bring real relief. Let us stand as the representatives of the clearest-cut opposition to capitalism the world has ever seen; let us stand in the forefront of the revolutionary movement of the world; let us send out from here a platform that will represent revolutionary socialism, that will not misrepresent us, and that will in itself make a more powerful propaganda argument, and actually a more powerful bid for votes

The capitalist system is entangled in more antagonistic contradictions than ever. The working class continue to resist the capitalist world order. Capitalism lives on borrowed time. But while it lingers and staggers on it threatens entire mankind. Capitalism remains the enemy of humanity, it cannot be reformed and the only solution is to build a new social system. Within living memory there have been historic clashes of interest between the ruled and the rulers. Where there’s oppression there is resistance. We all can add to the tradition of revolt, rebellion and revolution. We urge all lovers of freedom to rally round the red banner of socialism which will usher in a new civilisation based upon the welfare of all. The Socialist Party today goes out to the world not only for the purpose of bidding for votes, but for the purpose of crystallising and organising a non-revolutionary into a revolutionary working class, in order that they may achieve their freedom. We should stand clear-cut and square on the fact that between us and capitalism there is no common ground; that between us there is but an abyss into which any who seeks to bridge it will only fall into absolute oblivion.

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