Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Disabling Funding Cuts For Disabled Cut Off From Legal Aid.

The Injured Workers Community Legal Clinic (IWC) is laying off 40 per cent of its staff and will stop taking new cases after Legal Aid Ontario announced funding cuts to several legal aid clinics in July. This is an agency that funds Ontario's 73 legal aid clinics. It announced the cuts in response to the provincial budget, which slashed 30 per cent from a previous budget of $456 million. 

John McKinnon, the director of IWC, said, ''People come to our door in distress, disabled from working, cut off worker's compensation, depressed, broke and in the biggest crisis of their lives. We are all very worried about what will happen to them when we can't help.'' 

The good folks at IWC may all be very caring people, but that doesn't cut much ice under capitalism.

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