Thursday, August 22, 2019

No compromise, no concession, no concilation, no collaboration - Just socialism

The Socialist Party stands unalterably opposed to racism, sexism, nationalism, and all other systems of fraud designed to divide workers and to support exploitation and to pit workers against workers. A socialist society will not be won not by the efforts of different campaigns but by the united struggle of all the exploited. No single segment of the population can win by itself. Working people are highly socialised. Working side by side in factories, alongside one another in warehouses, desk to desk in offices, making the products the capitalists sell for profit, workers learn through their own experience the need for organisation and cooperation. Clearly, the products could never be made if the workers themselves were disorganised and refused to cooperate with one another. Workers gain through their own work experience an understanding of solving problems. In a capitalist society, these qualities of organisation and cooperation, are used to benefit not the workers, but the capitalists. The capitalists use these qualities of the workers to make huge profits and, in the process, keep workers in a state of near or actual poverty. These qualities, however, are very important for inspiring a revolution and building a socialist society after the capitalist society is destroyed.

 Since the workers are the ones who are directly exploited by the capitalists, they have the most potential for seeing most thoroughly the absolute unjustness and insanity of the capitalist system. Thus, of all classes in society, the working class also has the most potential for seeing the need to overthrow capitalism and to replace it with a new system – socialism – that will benefit not a handful of capitalists, but all the people. In building the movement of all the people to overthrow the capitalist system, we have the power to cripple the capitalists. If the workers don’t work, the capitalists don’t profit. As the only thoroughly productive class in society, as the only class which produces and distributes the things necessary for life, the working class is the only class which literally holds in its hands not only the ability to end the capitalist society, but the ability to build the new socialist society. 

The Socialist Party believes that the working class can create and develop the revolutionary movement to overthrow capitalism and to replace it with socialism. We do not hold to the old romantic notion of a handful of heroic revolutionaries can make the revolution for the people, such people never accomplish much and history shows over and over that all such schemes are doomed to failure but rather the people shall make the revolution for themselves. The ruling class has created the illusion that basic change can come by using reforms. The Left have perpetuated this myth. Change will only come when the people build their own political instruments, when they learn that there is no easy way and rely on their own efforts. It is impossible to develop a vision of the future without ideas and strategy which in the long run the people will view as indispensable to achieving their aspirations.

The working class is a sleeping giant and already is beginning to stir, and when it fully awakens, when it recognises the great power it has in its hands, the whole world will shake. It is only a matter of time but we should prepare ourselves for a long hard battle ahead.

The main thing is education, sharing information in a context that is relevant to our fellow-workers. We share our goals, and talk about what it would take to get them. People are receptive if sceptical. The biggest hesitation that people have is hoping for something new. People are willing to try new things, but they definitely are hesitant about hoping once again.

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