Saturday, August 03, 2019

Capitalism Condemned

In the name of our fellow-workers the Socialist Party condemns the capitalist system.

In the name of economic freedom it condemns wage-slavery.

In the name of new technology it condemns poverty.

In the name of peace it condemns war.

In the name of civilisation it condemns famine. 

In the name of rationality it condemns superstition and religion.

In the name of the future 

In the name of humanity it demands social justice for every man, woman and child.

The Socialist party knows neither colour, sex, nor race. It is first and last the party of the workers, regardless of their nationality. The Socialist party is pledged to educate, encourage and support fellow-workers to the full extent of its ability. 

The Socialist party sprang forth from the class struggle. In the battles of the workers in the war of the classes, in the unceasing struggle of the workers against their exploiters every where and wherever and however it is fought, they are always and everywhere the battles of the Socialist Party. 

The Socialist Party is the only party of the people, the only party opposed to the rule of the plutocracy, the only truly democratic party in the world, the only party that is pledged to strike the fetters of economic and political slavery. The education, organisation and co-operation of the workers is the conscious aim and task of the Socialist Party. The writing is upon the wall for the downfall of the capitalist system. 

The time is now clearly for the cooperative socialist commonwealth, a society based upon the common ownership of the means of life and the production of wealth for the use of all instead of the private profit of the few, for which the Socialist Party stands for and where peace will prevail and plenty for all will avail. The billions of exploited poor will be rescued from the clutches of poverty and hunger. Society will have a new birth, and its people a new destiny. These are the ideals of the Socialist Party.

 The Socialist party is organised and run from the bottom up. There are no leaders and there never can be unless the party deserts its principles and ceases to be a Socialist Party. Each member has not only an equal voice but is urged to take an active part in all the party activities. 

The Socialist Party relies solely upon the persuasive power of education, knowledge, and mutual understanding so workers are enlightenment and aroused everywhere to the necessity of socialist revolution.

Socialism has been the goal of the working class political movement since the time of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. If the modern working class is destined to transform society, as Marx explained, then it must create its own political party within the framework of capitalist society to fulfill its historic mission. Education is essential.

 The goal of the World Socialist Movement has been to educate working people in order to create a new society of the free and equal. Democracy and education must go hand in hand. Whether within the confines of a small organisation that seeks to transform society such ourselves and in the future society we aspire towards.

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