Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Socialist World or No World

Once again we are deluged with the hypocritical cant and humbug that governments and corporations can change and create a sustainable world. Politicians and CEOs mouth the meaningless platitudes. What are the prospects of a happy future for people? What room is there in capitalism for peace and well-being when the prosperity of one depends upon the ruin for another? What have the people to look forward to, we ask again? Can nothing be done to stem the waste of human live and destruction of nature? The very first step is to clear the befogged and befooled minds of the people of every capitalist notion. Expose the capitalist as the liar, the sociopath and bully he truly is. The only hope is to abolish wage slavery, root, branch and twig, and to take control of the things that are necessary for the lives, comfort, well-being, and happiness of those who we hold dear. Robbed of everything, we stand at the door to the future. We have a world to win.

Capitalists live in great splendour by exploiting the working class through the daily robbery of the enormous wealth the workers produce. In contrast to this, intense exploitation, oppression, poverty and misery characterise the lives of the working class. The buying and selling of human labour power as a commodity and the production of commodities for profit are among the fundamental features of capitalism. The working class is made up of those who are deprived of the ownership of the means of production and therefore are forced to sell their labour power as a commodity to the capitalist class. The working class participates directly in production, transportation, communication, service, agriculture, and commerce. It is the class which creates the wealth of society and from which the capitalists extract surplus value. The ranks of the working class also encompass the reserve army of unemployed, including old and disabled workers and semi-permanently and permanently unemployed workers forced to live on welfare.

Marx in Wages, Price and Profit, says: “To clamour for equal or even equitable retribution on the basis of the wages system is the same as to clamour for freedom on the basis of the slavery system. What you think just or equitable is out of the question.”

We socialists are engaged in a movement which regards both the poor and most crime as the products of an iniquitous system of robbery of which both aristocrats and the bourgeoisie stand guilty. All wars now waged, under whatever pretences, are really wars for the great prizes in the world-market. For as long as anyone can remember, the ruling class have paraded one political representative after another before the people promising a life of peace and prosperity while they subject hundreds of millions around the world to pillage and plunder from one end of the globe to another. Their whole system is one of legalised robbery and murder. The history of humanity shows that there is a path to travel–the path which the exploited and oppressed in every society sooner or later takes, the way forward, the path of resistance against and the revolutionary overthrow of their oppressors. Revolution is the only means to prevent war and hunger.

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