Friday, September 13, 2019

No return into barbarism!

The Socialist Party has always criticised the capitalist system because it gives rise not only to poverty, but to recurring economic crises, ever more devastating wars and environmental destruction. The defects of this method can easily be demonstrated; it has, in fact, been done time and time again. What is wanted now is to show that we can carry on the distribution without feeding the hungry maw of these, more or less, useless parasites, who are waiting at every turn to squeeze a profit out of us. People must organise their economic life themselves. The transformation of capitalism to socialism means political power should pass from the hands of the capitalist class into the hands of the working people. That the means of production and distribution, the land, the factories, the mines, the means of communication, should pass into the possession of the working people. That production should be developed not by the competition of the various capitalist enterprises for profit, but with the aim to raise the material and cultural level of the people.

One class—the capitalist class—owns and controls the social necessaries, to wit: the economic resources of the world. That class, for its own protection and perpetuation in power, subjects all institutions to its own interests. The capitalists are denying that it is necessary for society to take over production and distribution in order to plan for the welfare of the people (some say that all that is really required is the nationalisation plus some State control) and they are denying that capitalism in its struggle for markets and sources of raw materials, in its struggle to obtain maximum profits, is really the cause of climate change crisis and the underlying reason for wars.

The Socialist Party is clear that democratic thinking and action are positive. For many years the Socialist Party endeavours to persuade fellow-workers to organise and take control of the entire means of production and distribution with scanty results. The onus is on the Socialist Party of demonstrating that the theories it has so long expounded can be translated into a practical method of producing and distributing the wealth of the planet in such a way as to end for ever the exploitation of the many by the privileged few. It is not a question of us condemning capitalism; capitalism condemned itself. Working people are the only hope of the World. Can we do this? Yes, let us capture Parliament. We will then carry through a revolution that will take us out of capitalism into the new world of socialism. We can do it, all we have to do is to capture and organise the industries. We hold a clear conception of the new method of production and distribution, in contrast to the present inefficient method employed by capitalism. We can carry on the distribution without feeding the greed of the useless parasite class, who are waiting at every turn to squeeze a profit out of us. The working class will eventually change the whole system of ownership of the means of production and overthrow of the existing economic system. Social systems are not ready-made products and derive from the achievements and accomplishments of every preceding epoch. In its onward course to a further advanced system, mankind is going to utilise all that present day society has evolved and constructed. Workers will be able to construct and form their own structure of the new society, accordingly. By learning the social relations they can prepare to change society. The change in the ownership of the essentials of life will bring the change in the intercourse and the associations between the human beings upon the globe. Working people alone are interested in the end of inequality, and that can only be accomplished by a revolution. The workers must take over and operate all the essential industrial institutions, the means of production and distribution, for the well-being of all. The life of human beings will not consist only of common drudgery when all the good things created by the workers are available to them.

Socialism is the science of human association reduced to a practical programme. The Socialist Party recognises that life in society as well as in the organic world, is constantly passing through a process of evolution. It declares that labour is the sole creator of value. It teaches that the only way to attain the just distribution of wealth to those who produce it is through the common ownership, control, and operation of the means of production and distribution, such as land, mines, factories, transport, communications. It asserts that this production should be for use and not for sale or profit, thus doing away with all private or State ownership of the means of subsistence. The cooperative commonwealth is its goal.

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