Thursday, September 19, 2019

Advocating a Socialist Solution

As socialists we see the need to raise awareness, through our role of educating fellow-workers. If we, socialists, don't share what we know who will? How many class-conscious workers are out there who can explain socialism in a way that the average person can understand and connect it to it? It's not enough to only report on all the problems of capitalism and share what we know but now we must also raise the alarm, and protect civilisation from collapse. We make a call for action. As people, wealthy individuals don't intend to hurt the poor and the most vulnerable, yet their existence as the capitalist class depends upon them doing just exactly that.

Climate change threatens to pass the point of no return yet governments will not accept the responsibility that would require regulation, control and taxes. Corporations are unable to effectively respond to global warming which jeopardises the planet and human life. The Socialist Party stands for a sustainable future that respects the environment. Some others say there is a strong case to be made that capitalism will survive because of its ability to adapt to new situations, with new technologies. The Socialist Party however declares that capitalism is the greatest threat to the planet’s well-being, and the greatest barrier to attempts to save it. We advocate a society of abundance where there is the complete satisfaction of all conceivable material needs. We aspire to a future where we not only feed everyone on the planet, but also provide a satisfying and nutritious diet. Sure, luxuries such as caviar may not be universally available but the menu will be stimulating and varied. The socialist focus is with the free and all-round development of human capacities, not with the growth of material production and consumption for its own sake. Our vision of socialism and a sustainable environment are not in conflict.

The solution to global warming requires the reorganisation of society. We are not faced with any technological problems but political barriers and re-directing a real onslaught on the economic structures of capitalism and away from the cul-de-sac of focusing on individual life-style behaviour. This system of capitalism is close to running humanity into the ground. While radicalising a whole section of youth who are coming to conclusions that the system can’t stop global warming yet on the other hand, many of the same people will look to the free market to find a solution the ruling class will accept, and they hope the great and good in the world's government will listen to reason.
Climate change costs lives across the globe and causes species extinction on a scale hitherto unknown. The most severe effects will be inflicted on the poorest people in the poorest of nations. Climate change plays an important role in the distribution of malaria, dengue, tick-borne diseases, cholera and other diseases; the effects are unequally distributed, and are particularly severe in countries with already high disease burdens, such as sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Capitalism is driven by ‘short termism’ in its hunger for profits. Investment decisions are made on the basis on what will make a return in the quickest time. Such a system cannot deal with the scale of the climate crisis or make rational planned decisions about what to produce. The Socialist Party holds a vision of a new economy, democratically structured to answer to people’s needs instead of the profit imperative. If you like that idea, then welcome to the movement for socialism. The Socialist Party is well aware of the system’s rapacious nature.

The road to a rational politics is not an easy one. Solutions will not come from the capitalist parties. The challenge for socialists is to help build understanding of the implications of capitalism. Many of the barriers that prevent people from having a clear view of the climate crisis have been deliberately constructed. We should build another society that has already been discovered, a class-free society is more than possible—it is necessary.

To join the Socialist Party, you don't need to be an expert on Marx or his economic and philosophic theories, just a basic understanding of what socialism actually means. Today, our main political activity is taking the form of speaking out. Everyone is needed and everyone is welcome. It is up to us all, to step up and act. The best time to reject and overthrow capitalism was over a hundred years and fifty ago when socialists first denounced the system. The next best time is today.

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