Friday, September 13, 2019

Life Under Capitalism.

One of the most dehumanizing aspects of life under capitalism is sex trafficking.

Stats-Canada recently issued a report on it. Its findings were that in Canada most victims are women and girls younger than 25. Most people charged with human-trafficking crimes are males aged 18 to 35. In 2014, Toronto police laid 365 charges related to human trafficking, with 33 victims. In 2018 it had increased to 2,140 charges and there were 250 victims. The status of women statistics showed that more than 90 per cent of trafficking cases in the city involved domestic cases, and less than 10 per cent involved people being brought into Canada. Carly Kalish, Director of Victim Services of Durham Region Ontario, where human-trafficking is a crisis, said that there are two kinds of victims: individual and systematic.

Individuals may be living at home, but have low self esteem, issues with parents or school, and may have been abused. The systematic cases are those who live in poverty, in proximity to high crime areas, or are victims of racial discrimination. Girls in gangs or the homeless are particularly vulnerable.

Just another, thoroughly ''delightful'' aspect of life under capitalism which no amount of reforms can cure. But when do reforms solve any deep long-term problems for workers under capitalism?

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