Friday, September 06, 2019

Only Sheep Need Shepherds

We address all workers. We cannot sit down and wait patiently for capitalism to collapse.

Political power is wielded by social classes through political parties. The transference of power from one class to another is not an automatic process. The Socialist Party faces a well-organised capitalist class highly conscious of its interests, and we must strive to excel the class enemy in organisation and determination. It cannot, if it is to reach the historic goal, be an amorphous all-inclusive society of dabblers in reforms and palliatives. We mobilise humanity so that society determines its own social and technical fate, master of its production and distribution and of all the products of its manual and intellectual labour.

Capitalism is a society based on a system which creates a wealthy few above the masses of poor and develops a huge contrast between wealth and poverty. Capitalism spreads the false illusion that we can all have a share of that wealth if we toil hard enough, are clever enough or ruthless enough. In capitalist society the working person is not, in fact, a person at all; as a wage-worker, he or she is simply merchandise, commodity to be bought and sold on the labour market. What is your status in society today? You are not a human being but a resource, a wage-slave. There is no hope for you in this system. No master ever had the slightest respect for his slave. But why don't you understand that you do not need the capitalist. He could not exist an instant without you. You would just begin to live without him. You do everything and he has everything. He consumes, you produce. If you don’t change this relation, he certainly won’t. Ask no favours from capitalists. t there is nothing in common between capitalists and wage-workers. The capitalists own the tools they do not use, and the workers use the tools they do not own. The capitalists, who own the tools that the working class use, appropriate to themselves what the working class produce, and this accounts for the fact that a few capitalists become fabulously rich while the toiling millions remain in poverty and dependence. Workers must make themselves the masters of the tools with which they work. Between the two classes there is an irrepressible conflict. You must organise upon the basis of this fact. You are the only class essential to society and without you society would perish. You produce the wealth, you create and conserve civilisation. Every cog in every wheel that revolves everywhere has been made by the working class, and is set and kept in operation by the working class; and if the working class can make and operate this wealth-producing technology, they can also develop the intelligence to make themselves the masters of this machinery, and operate it not to turn out millionaires, but to produce wealth in abundance for themselves. You cannot afford to be content with your lot in life. You ought to aspire to be free, not a wage-slave subject to the command of the capitalist. Mankind is the expression of his or her environment. Just as a majestic tree towers aloft made possible only because the soil and climate are adapted to its healthy growth. Transfer this tree from the sunlight and the fresh atmosphere to a place of polluted poisoned air and see it wither and die. The same applies to human beings; the industrial soil and the social climate must be adapted to the development of men and women, and then society will cease producing the defiled diseased deformities. The workers are the saviours of the human race and the planet.
The Socialist Party proposes to end capitalism. We want a system in which the worker shall get what he or she produces. We hold a the vision of the world without masters and without slaves, a planet regenerated and resplendent
Rally to the call for complete emancipation! In answer to the oppression of the capitalist class let our battle cry be:
"The World for the Workers. The Workers for the World"

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