Monday, September 23, 2019

People want change

The Socialist Party holds a vision of a new world, a world worth fighting for, a world to win.We say that there could be a better world for us all. It can be brought about. The seeds of the new world are sown in this old obsolete one. The Socialist Party strives to bring the new world to fruition. We want to make that cooperative commonwealth in which men and women will at last be able to know, to speak and to argue freely.

Nationalism is the enemy of any movement which seeks to establish the socialist society. Nationalists are the enemy of the free society of world socialism. We want peace, instead of bloodshed and destruction. We want security and jobs, instead of insecurity and joblessness. We want decent homes for our families and good and plentiful schools for our children. We want comfort and prosperity, instead of slums, child labour, low wages, unemployment and starvation. We want democracy and freedom instead of totalitarianism, bureaucracy and racial conflict. But in our present modern world, with its huge manufacturing centres and industries, elaborate complex technology machines and abundant natural resources, capitalism is unable to provide us with these elementary wants. It is unable to avoid wars. It dooms us to serfdom and poverty.

The World stands at a crossroads today. Immigration, climate change or the growing gap between rich and poor reveal conflicts that increasingly polarises society. Apportioning blame is far too easy. The reasons for the renewed and increasing divisions of society are rooted much deeper. The tensions that are pulling apart society today likely stem from the combination of the effects of capitalism

Class war is the reality today. The employers and their government have launched a savage assault on the unions. Capitalists have mobilised all the class forces at their command to beat the workers' movement into submission. This class war is no temporary aberration or an act of folly.

Under capitalism a handful of men control the wealth and power of the world. They own industry, banking, mining, transportation. They own our jobs. They own Parliaments and Presidents because they finance the big political parties which put politicians into office. They have the power of life and death over all of us. The insanity of capitalism is that it creates inequality, poverty and unemployment and all the crises of society. It produces not for human needs, but for the market. While the capitalists are united against the workers and their political and economic organisations, they are in competition against each other and against their capitalist counterparts abroad. They all try to out-produce and out-sell each other on the market because the mainspring of capitalist production is profit, not use. This fact alone indicts capitalism as the great obstacle to human progress.

There is only one hope for the future: Socialism! 

Socialism alone guarantees the absence of exploitation, unemployment, hunger, poverty and war. Socialism alone guarantees true economic and political democracy. Socialism alone guarantees the freedom of the peoples of the whole world. Socialism is the only thing worth fighting for because it is the society of true and lasting peace and freedom for all mankind. Socialism should be the common element that brings us all together. 

The task of the Socialist Party is to assist and hasten the political development of the working class which will put them on road toward the socialist emancipation of humanity from capitalist unemployment, misery, wars and insecurity. It is upon the political development of the working class as an independent, anti-capitalist force that depends the future. Only a socialist revolution can prevent the outbreak of a third world war and the relapse of humanity into barbarity. The task of world socialist revolution is the order of the day. This is final struggle to finally overwhelm the global capitalist system. There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of working people, and while the few, who make up the employing class, have all the good things of life. Unite for the emancipation of the people and to save civilisation from a catastrophe.

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