Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Socialists For the Planet

Enthusiasm is an excellent and valuable thing when rightly applied, but when it is wasted in fruitless directions it only leads to disheartenment and apathy. It is partly on this account that we are sometimes critical of demonstrations and protests. It is not with any desire to deride the genuine enthusiasm of participants. We hope one day they will be aimed at ending the system that exploits them, for then, they will understand the real cause of the many problems we face and the only way to end them. It is tragic to see during such demonstrations the number of sincere, eager young people being deluded by the false hope of government legislation and regulation when it comes to solutions.

The permanent and effective solution to climate change is to be found in a new society. We think the only way is for the vast majority of us who are excluded from control of their own society to organise consciously and collectively to remove the tools of political power from the hands of the exploiting class so we can go about running society in our own interests, not those of a tiny few. The way out of the environment crisis is simple and obvious. The majority, acting in an organised and orderly fashion, must assume possession of the means of life in the name of society as a whole. Society must take them over from the few whose private ownership stands in the way of the general welfare. That is where we want to get.

Global warming the very name show us the task that we are faced with. Think globally. If global warming is to be solved, then world structures must be created to deal with them. We must act globally. 

The resources of the Earth must stop being the property of multinational corporations, national states and rich individuals and become instead the common heritage of all humanity. Within the framework of a world socialism, a society without frontiers, appropriate institutions can be set up at world, regional and local levels to tackle the problems that are caused, not by globalisation as such, but by the fact that globalisation is taking place under a system where the uncontrollable economic imperative is to make profits and accumulate more and more capital, regardless of the effect on people or the environment.

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