Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Compassion? As A Motivation?

On June 26, the new Progressive Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, told the press what he would do if elected. When asked about winning over voters who distrust conservative policies, he said, "The conservative government had an excellent record on infrastructure that did improve the quality of life for people in Toronto and I want to continue that."

Exactly what they did, he neglected to say. On what he learned during the last federal election campaign, he had this to say, "The No.1 lesson I learned is that conservatives have to find a way to articulate a positive message and explain how it's conservative policies that improve the quality of life for all Canadians;" which is very specific.

With amazing gall, Scheer added, "It's explaining the why and showing Canadians that conservatives are motivated by compassion, they're motivated by a desire for a better quality of life."

It's doubtful any elector anywhere would believe any politician is motivated by compassion, especially if it got in the way of that other motive, which I think is called the profit motive.

There it is folks; a typical political speech couched in generalities but saying nothing specifically. Anyone who wants Scheer and his kind elected shouldn't expect much so they won't be disappointed. 

John and Steve.

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