Sunday, August 06, 2017

Moralising And Capitalism's Reality.

In its June 27 issue of 24 Hours, the Toronto newssheet, columnist Sabrina Maddeaux, bitched up a storm about manufacturers going gangbusters to cash in on Canada's 150th birthday. To quote, "Some of the more, shall we say 'unique,' items honouring the big anniversary include potato chips, caskets, condoms, $500 hair dryers, bars of soap, artisanal gummy candies and bottles of vodka. The opportunities to slap a maple leaf and a little bit of red and white on products seem endless."

Our girl ain't finished yet; she also complained that many of these products weren't made in Canada and that some were made in Bangladesh, "where workers are severely underpaid and mistreated."

It's time for Ms. Maddeaux to get real. The profit motive is the driving force of capitalism, therefore instances like the above will always happen.

If one doesn't like it; and what is there to like? one "can" do something about it. 

 John and Steve.

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