Tuesday, August 22, 2017



The Daily Telegraph's highlighted the fact that tax paid by the rich
has increased in the last decade by 3% -- conveniently forgetting
that their share of wealth's increased by a far greater percentage.

Not for the rich a divvy freeze,
And no sign of austerity,
And not for them a ten-year squeeze,
When they've been down upon their knees;
But unabashed prosperity.

And not for them or all their brood,
Of whether they will have to choose,
Between themselves and kids for food,
Or some choice equally as crude;
Which one of them will have to lose.

And not for them to have to bitch,
And stay and pay the bedroom-tax,
For Corporations and the rich,
Acquiring wealth's reached fever-pitch;
As tax enforcement seems quite lax.

And not for them what seems a cheek,
Of borrowing to pay the rent,
And reaching the end of the week,
Where the outlook is still as bleak;
Without a single lousy cent.

And not for them the awful plight,
Of having men cut off the gas,
Or cutting down on heat and light,
To darken more their hopeless blight;
Or something equally as crass.

No, for the rich what brings a frown,
As it's their main priority,
Is stopping wealth from trickling down,
To the less gentle parts of town;
And the brainwashed majority!

© Richard Layton

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