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ORGAN-ISED CHAOS (A Fantasy-Part 2) - weekly poem

ORGAN-ISED CHAOS (A Fantasy-Part 2)

A non-pc response to the Government's proposals
to allow people to self-determine their gender.

I'm Richard also known as 'Jade',
A 'Dirty Dick' am I;
The Government should have me 'spayed',
Cos as a 'woman' I'm 'self-maid',
And joined the WI.

I've sneaked inside their ladies loo,
And it's a trifle weird;
My 'gender change' seems quite taboo,
They see me and the air turns blue--
They've set light to my beard!

I'm puzzled by their swearing fits,
Or why each loo door shuts;
They view my drag-show booby bits,
And Cheongsam dress with slinky slits,
Then kick me in the nuts!

It's great since women's rights began,
That we have come this far;
Although I'm sad, as born a man, (1)
I would have liked to be a Gran,
But couldn't burn my bra.

Germaine Greer, therefore, should withdraw,
And not sound like a prick;
Because she is a sexist bore,
For saying women are much more,
Than just a cut-off dick. (2)

And if such 'ops' make most men wince,
Because such surgery hurts;
The Government's scheme could convince,
Usain Bolt to run women's sprints, (3)
And Scotsman to wear skirts!  

(1) Paris Green (born Peter Laing)  a pre-op transgender murderer, was
transferred to a man's prison after having sex with the female inmates.

(2) Germaine Greer said: “Just because you lop off your dick
and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a f***ing woman”.

(3) Martial arts fighter, Fallon Fox, a former man, gave her
female opponent such a beating that Fox lost her licence.

© Richard Layton


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