Sunday, August 13, 2017

Time is Running Out

Haven't we all had enough of this capitalist system? Aren't we all sick to the teeth with the meaningless toil, the boredom and being bullied by our bosses. The employing class literally hold working people in bondage. We see where capitalism leads: to a permanent never-ceasing struggle for survival. Workers have increased productivity ten-fold with few increases in wages. Many are also working longer hours under worsening job conditions. When we are forced to compete in a rat-race against each other this breeds a mindset of dehumanisation so is it a surprise that we begin to behave like rats to one another. Capitalism doesn’t care if harm is done as long as profit is achieved. It is fundamentally an amoral system.  Most crimes are simply extensions of capitalism, the forces of competition involved in satisfying the market. Global warming, pollution, and devastating wars are the results.  The need to create profit commodifies people and businesses understand that and it why they have large departments described as “human resources”.

It’s important to discuss socialism, the alternative to capitalism. Socialism is just a few basic ideas to help us escape capitalism. Socialism is not the redistribution of resources and the wealth but the fundamental transformation of the process of production itself. We don’t want to manage a ‘better’ capitalism. We want to collectively plan production and distribution for all. For a better world, the working class requires to take over society, otherwise, it is merely treating the symptoms and not the disease itself.   Socialists understand that an injury to one is an injury to all, and under capitalism, it means protecting the environment and humanity alike. The only democracy possible is an economic democracy.  Socialism means the abolition of the existing order.

The world’s farming and food systems are not currently fit for purpose. Around 800 million people go to bed hungry each night and even more – about one in three of the planet’s six billion population – suffer some form of malnutrition, lacking crucial nutrients in their diets. These numbers will only get worse. The world’s population is forecast to exceed nine billion people by 2050, even as climate change shrinks production capacity each year.

The Socialist Party because we reject all leadership restricts our membership to socialists alone that we can afford to be uncompromisingly democratic. Some of those who in the past have sneered at our “impossibilism” is perhaps now starting to realise that what we have succeeded in building up is the nucleus of the type of mass party which the working class can use to liberate itself. We certainly do not have any of the glamour which makes other organisations so attractive to their romantic revolutionary elements, but to those interested in the serious work of achieving socialism, we do represent a party where they will be welcomed as comrades and equals. The aim of the Socialist Party is to unite the working class against the capitalist class. Alone, workers have no power, but together, we have all the power in the world. That means that we must expose the myths of religion, ethnicity, race, or gender. Isolated one-issue campaigns might bring in some new members for a while yet inviting workers to join on that basis is dishonest. It is no substitute and can’t adequately address the broader political problems of capitalist exploitation. The purpose of political organization is to amplify and concentrate the resources of the members so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  This doesn’t mean that other struggles and activities are unimportant but a tool is most effective when it is tailored to a particular use and the Socialist Party is designed for political action to change society, not to advocate reforms or to defend what limited liberties we may now possess.

 As wage and salary earners, the vast majority of us have endless economic problems to worry about -- wages and prices, rents and mortgages, sickness, unemployment, old age. Even more worrisome can seem the large and perhaps overwhelming problems facing us as human beings: war, poverty and the destruction of our own planet by those who seek to persuade us they can do our thinking for us. There are numerous other problems, like racism or sexism, which distort human judgement and reinforce a system that thrives on human misery. Many people look to leaders to solve these intractable problems, sometimes through union action, more often by demanding social, political and economic reforms.

Come election time, all the parties suddenly grow excited, urgently recommending laws they will introduce if they gain control of the government. But they don't regard it as their business to deal with the basis of any of those problems, where the cause actually lies. Neither Right nor Left has any intention of tackling and dealing with the core of our troubles: the system of employment, known traditionally as wage labour, and the associated use of capital to produce all of the wealth we depend on. This system, we maintain, generates massive artificial scarcities in a society with the technological means to afford us abundance.

The Socialist Party holds that the social system needs to be changed fundamentally and we advocate the abolition of social classes through production based solely on meeting people's needs, democratically administered. This goes much deeper than a mere change in government, but it also assumes the widespread understanding of what needs to be done. We understand capitalism has gone as far as it can go; the time has come to put it behind us and start with a system of society that really works for everyone.

If you agree generally with arousing the rest of the world's workers to an understanding of how easily within our grasp it is to achieve a world of abundance and peace -- and a world we can pass on intact to the coming generations, join us.

Those of us in the Socialist Party seek a world without poverty, war, sexism, racism, nationalism, and other forms of hatred; without environmental devastation.

Socialism is for anybody who thinks the world would be a better place if we had no bosses and politicians telling everyone else what to do. Democracy means more than an election every few years. Freedom means real freedom, and respect, for everybody; People cooperating to satisfy human needs. Socialism is for anybody who wants real solutions, not repeated failures. The Left and Right haven't solved anything that counts - and they can't. Real solutions may take a while, but that's better than never. Real solutions require rational thought, not hype. Real solutions require people to work for them

We reject the idea that socialism has been tried in countries sometimes referred to as socialist. Look below at our definition of socialism and ask yourself if this in any way describes the state capitalist, police states of modern China and Cuba or the old regimes in Russia and eastern Europe, or the past and present "social-democratic" governments in many countries.
We reject the idea of socialism in one country. National socialism equals non-socialism. The capitalist system is global and so must the system which will replace it.
We reject the idea that people can be led into socialism. Socialism will not be established by good leaders or battling armies, but by thinking men, women and children. There can be no socialism without socialists.

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