Wednesday, August 23, 2017


 The Socialist Party maintains that it is a revolutionary party, committed to class struggle as the means of achieving its ends. That does not mean, however, that we intend to take to the barricades and launch a civil war. The Socialist Party maintains that the only way socialism will come about is for a majority of people, on a worldwide basis, to believe in the benefits of the socialist system of society system. We favour achieving this objective through the use of elections, although in the current situation our main function is as a propaganda group to try to raise consciousness. We HOLD that it is possible to make the transition from capitalism to the complete abolition of the state immediately that the majority decides to do it.
Three points are vital to an understanding of what The Socialist Party mean by socialism.
We reject the idea that socialism has been tried in countries sometimes referred to as socialist.
We reject the idea of socialism in one country. National socialism equals non-socialism. The capitalist system is global and so must the system which will replace it.
We reject the idea that people can be led into socialism. Socialism will not be established by good leaders, but by thinking men and women . There can be no socialism without socialists.
Socialism means for the Socialist Parties a global system of social organisation based on:
Common Ownership: All the productive wealth of the world will belong to all the people of the world. No more transnational corporations or small businesses and therefore nobody will own the world. It will be possessed by all of its inhabitants.
Democratic Control By All: Who will run socialist society? We all will. There will be no more government and governed. People will make decisions freely in their communities, in regions and globally. With the existing means of information technology and mass communication this is all possible.
Production For Use: Instead of producing goods and services for sale and profit, the sole reason for production will be to satisfy needs and desires.
Free Access: A society in which everyone owns everything, decides everything and only produces anything because it is useful will be one in which all will have free access to what is produced. Money will cease to have any function. People will not work for wages or salaries, but to give what they can and take what they need.

If you work for wages, it is not socialism.
If goods and services are sold in the market place with a view to profit, it is not socialism.
If the world is divided into nations, it is not socialism.
If there is any kind of government over people, it is not socialism.
Unless each man, woman, or child in the world has free access to all the goods and services, it is not socialism.

  • A society without classes and class property
  • Common ownership of the means of wealth production and distribution
  • Production to meet human need
  • Free access for every man, woman and child, each determining their own needs
  • No classes: all persons stand equally in relation to the means of wealth production
  • Participants fit enough to work volunteer services as preferred and needed
  • No buying, selling or exchange
  • No wasteful activities to support capitalism
  • Emphasis on democratic co-operation
  • Elections as required to choose representatives or delegates
  • Administration of things
  • No nation states, wars, armed forces
  • Education and health care for all
  • No property crime, any residual crime dealt with humanely
  • No environmental problems caused by profit seeking
The Socialist Party is completely against capitalism. Capitalism is a relation of production whereby past labour i.e., dead labour sucks living labour like a vampire. It works objectively through its law of value. Thus capital is essentially a capitalist. Just as a wage worker is a slave of wage, so also a capitalist (no matter what its form – individual, joint-stock or state) is a slave of profit; capital coerces both to get accomplished its sole objective of expanded reproduction – self-expansion, self-motivated accumulation. As world socialists our one single objective is to end capital; we are against capital. We reject a false view of some pseudo-Marxists that we need capital and not capitalists. Actually, the capitalist ceases to exist when capital ceases to exist. So capitalism is the problem. Its motive force is profit; Capitalism is production for profit. Even if, for argument's sake, the same system is managed by compassionate and conscientious people profit is a must, hence exploitation of the working class is a must since the desired goal of the system is to maximize profit. Capitalism is all about profit. Capital is accumulated and animated profit. Its nature remains the same no matter how it is managed and who manages it. Without profit, there is no capital. Whereas the working class‟s desired goal is emancipation from exploitation which, however, is the sole source of capital. How can it be achieved if capitalism exists?

The Socialist Party is genuinely holding on to a whole new path to global peace and prosperity. Global peace and prosperity are at stake under capitalist relations of production. Today capitalism is the cause of war, terrorism and destruction. An exploitative and oppressive system cannot be peaceful – slavery hadn't been peaceful, serfdom and feudalism weren't peaceful, and capitalism isn't peaceful. You cannot put a square peg into a round hole. You cannot make a tiger eat grass. World capitalism and world peace are opposed to each other. There will be no peace until we achieve equality that is socialism.

Capitalists are the parasites of society. They consume from the surplus value produced and handed over to them by the working class. Workers consume just a part portion – a historically diminishing portion (relative wage i.e., a share of the collective working class in comparison to that of the collective capitalist class in the total global production) of what they themselves have produced. Actually, all workers cannot buy all that you have listed; the majority of them are forced to live in poverty, temporary and permanent unemployment and misery, in spite of the global abundance (both real and potential) they have already created. It is the working class who produces, stocks, preserves and protects everything capitalism needs; they run and defend all the affairs of the system. On the other hand, the capitalists do nothing but consume what they haven't produced but appropriated from the working class.

For us, abundance for all – that is socialism. 

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