Monday, May 11, 2015

The Race To The Bottom

  The announcement in February that Target, the second largest US discount department store retailer, will be opening one hundred and thirty-five stores in Canada, starting in March 2013 brought a swift retort from the head of Walmart, Canada, Shelley Broader. She said, "When people ask me what our target strategy is, I say we have a WalMart strategy. That's about helping people save money so they can live better." That sounds a little strange from a company that pay their employees little enough to live on, let alone save. Even stranger considering how WalMart force their suppliers to fire union employees lowering their standard of living; strange, too, considering the companies they have ruined in competition, hence more grief and unemployment. Socialists do not take sides in competitions between capitalists as they are all at the same game – lowering labour costs for more profits – and the only way to end this race to the bottom is to get rid of the profit system. John Ayers.

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