Friday, May 01, 2015

May Day Greetings - There is a Better Way - May Day is Our Day

We think that a traditional socialist May Day should be celebrated by having a picnic and a good time. It's a day that reminds us that the oppressive capitalist system is to be followed by socialism, which is parallel to the idea that the harshness of Winter is followed by Summer. May Day had become deeply embedded in the consciousness of the workers. May Day is our day. The Red Flag is our flag.

The capitalist class is desperately striving to force working people to pay for the worldwide economic, social and ecological crises it has created. Around the world, the governments that are run by and for the rich are escalating their attacks against our fellow workers. In their insatiable quest to maximise profits, the employers and their state crush everything that stands in their way. We must dare to struggle and dare to win. Reject the divisions fomented by the ruling class and unite and fight.

There is a Better Way.  Revolution is the Way
Even though, on this day the Socialist Party is too small to take to the streets, it represents the liberating ideas of the struggle for socialism. What is our vision for a socialist tomorrow?
• Work and leisure in a society of shared abundance
• A renaissance of art and culture
• A world in harmony with nature

This new world has a name: socialism, the complete reorganisation of all aspects of social, economic and political life. This new world will not happen by itself; it will come from a revolution that is the overthrow our masters by the ourselves alone. We have the ability to run the society; in fact, without us, they would be nothing.

The World Needs Socialism!
Socialism Requires Revolution!
The Revolution Needs Us!

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