Tuesday, October 19, 2021

End Capitalism


The Socialist Party stands solely for socialism: a  system in which the people own and control the economy through the widest democracy. The Socialist Party strongly holds to the idea that no movement will ever do the workers any good unless it is democratically controlled by the workers themselves. A movement that will stay true to its working-class programme must be made up of people who will give freely of their time and energy because they fully understand and trust in what the movement stands for. We are really referring to the degree to which workers have come to understand that their interests are tied up with those of the working class as a whole, that no worker or group of workers can, in the long run, improve their position at the expense of the working class as a whole. The long-run effect of such efforts always plays into the hands of capital and to the detriment of all workers, including those who secured some short-run advantage. Such an understanding of the interests of the class as a whole we call class consciousness. The most class conscious workers are those who understand the goal of the working class in re-organising society upon a socialist basis.

How many are there who understand these things today? Isn’t it true that the Socialist Party consists of only a handful of people? How can such a small party get anywhere? We are firmly convinced that even such a small party, can not only get somewhere but will re-make the world.

Socialism is completely opposed to the exploitation of man by man which now divides humanity. The capitalist mode of production poses before humanity a choice: Socialism or Barbarism?

Capitalism is an outlived system whose life-blood is private profit, whether or not it is represented as a “welfare state” or not. It perpetuates poverty, unemployment, racism, war and environmental destruction. The only solution to these problems is the elimination of capitalism and its institutions, and the establishment of common ownership of the means of production, rational economic and social planning, and the abolition of all forms of national, racial, and sexual oppression. The so-called “communist regimes – whether it was Stalin’s, Mao’s, or their heirs – are systems of totalitarian state-capitalism which have nothing in common with socialism. The so-called “Communist Parties and left-wing movements which advocate these regimes are likewise no allies or friends of the aims and ideals for which the Socialist Party stand.  

Capitalism has developed as a world economic system. It is illusory to believe that the much higher development of the productive forces that socialism entails can be achieved within the framework of a single country. The division of the world into different states imposes a definite form on the revolutionary process. The proletariat must and can take power and begin to build socialism in the territories defined by different existing states. But the construction of socialism can be completed only on a world scale. The revolution can occur only through the active participation of the overwhelming majority of the population. Thus the Socialist Party rejects all insurrectionary and terrorist illusions. The goal of socialism is to create societies that offer full participation to each member and are environmentally sustainable. Human needs will be fulfilled through democratic common ownership of the means of producing social wealth.

Consumption patterns must change as part of learning a new relationship with planet Earth. This need not result in poverty for working people. What will be lost is the consumerist culture, needless waste and excessive resources spent on militarism. Only a mass, popular movement of resistance and change can end economic misery and reverse the destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem. To achieve a shift to an ecologically sustainable and socially just economic order, planning of the world economy through democratic institutions and mass participation from members of society is required. This cannot be achieved under capitalism. The ruling class resist any loosening of their control over the world’s natural and human resources, while their lust for profits continues to drive destructive projects.

Working people of the world share common interests in fighting against capitalist exploitation. Divisions among us along national or racial lines are fostered by the capitalists and serve their interests. Working people need to organise in politics independent of the capitalists and their political parties. Only independent political action and mass movements struggling for concrete goals can achieve lasting change. Socialism is an alternative model to that of the capitalist system. It is based on solidarity and not competition. A system in harmony with nature, rather than one that loots our natural resources. A system based on cultural diversity and not the crushing of culture and impositions of cultural values and lifestyles. Socialism is a system that seeks to restore the human condition of our societies and peoples, rather than reducing them to simple consumers or commodities.

EXPLOITATION–is taking from the poor and giving to the rich.
CAPITALISM–is the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.
SOCIALISM–is everybody sharing. A system based on human need, not human exploitation.

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