Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Stink of Profit, The Stench of Capitalism


The  Socialist Party show that workers everywhere have an underlying common interest around which to unite. Capitalists, in contrast, cannot overcome their divisions. The Socialist Party is dedicated to overthrowing the entire capitalist system.

Nevertheless, at COP26, those who have not broken with capitalist ideas will promote:

1.  Renewable energy.

2. Energy efficiency.

3. Emissions reduction

4.  Capture carbon dioxide.

5. The use of biofuels.

6. Carbon offsetting and carbon trading.

7. Tax rewards and punitive taxes

They will tell us that capitalism has gone green and that the corporations are now environmentally accountable and answerable to government climate regulation. It is all nonsense. Corporate bosses are inveterate liars and incapable of exercising rational judgement when protecting the environment and protecting their profits clash. In the interests of businesses the latter consistently trumps the former. 

Accordingly, many measures taken by corporations ostensibly to mitigate climate change are cosmetic – they are designed to placate public opinion. Other reforms assumed to mitigate climate change, in reality, serve other vested interests. While government legislation invariably ends up toothless with ample loopholes. Soft reforms are linked with the greenwashing PR press releases, worded in language that says much and means little, sounding logical yet without logic.

 Capitalism is inherently wasteful. If we are to save the planet, we have to fundamentally change how society uses, produces and treats its resources. Do we really want to leave to our children and grandchildren a planet that is poisoned and polluted, pillaged and plundered? We cannot be duped by the deceptive rhetoric of “change” and “reform.” A vile slice of rotting pie is no pie at all. 

The idea of a  cooperative commonwealth with collective social ownership and democratic control of the economy by the people has a name: socialism. It is a concept that still deserves to be discussed. We need to construct an economic democracy where the people make the decisions at all levels. Contrary to some claims there has been no model of socialism of that sort anywhere around the world in its history.

The Socialist Party is breaking new ground toward envisioning a new society with genuine freedom. We must understand that the most important thing is our goal, ending capitalist control of the economy and political life, and its replacement by a people’s power that can protect the planet and ensure peace. Climate change and pandemic crises cross borders. We must create solidarity without frontiers. Building world socialism that consciously connects diverse resistance and unites varied struggles will be a formidable challenge, but we must face the future not with fear or despair, but with determination and a vision rooted in our socialist ideals which continue to motivate us. We must educate ourselves and each other. We must be clear in the down-to-earth, understandable language of everyday people, as we expose the lies and subterfuge of the capitalists. We must be organised and learn to encourage one another. Each one, teach one.

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