Friday, October 08, 2021

The darker the night, the sooner the dawn

The working class is international in character. Its solidarity is based on the common bonds of exploitation and oppression. Workers ought not to be blinded by the hatred against foreign-born workers which the capitalist class attempts to indoctrinate into them. The division between the native and foreign-born workers can only help the ruling class to more thoroughly exploit the native workers. Unite and fight. 

Technological innovation and improvements have been very profitable to the bosses and very costly to the workers. Workers have been displaced, not to be replaced. Workers can depend upon no one except those of their own class. 

Among workers there are two distinct types.

One represents the worker who remembers the treatment meted out by the bosses in the past, recognises one’s own status in society. That type of worker is unalterably opposed to capitalism.

The other type who exists is narrow-minded and short-sighted. People with no convictions other than prejudices,  who only believe that three meals a day, work and sleep, is the be all and end all of their existence.

Are those who say they are against capitalism and its consequences moving towards a common vision of a new social system? Or are they merely advocating for another version an exchange market economy achieved by some reforms? Replacing capitalism in its entirety with economic democracy and ending wage slavery ought to become the aspiration of those struggling against the system.

It is time to stop allowing the bosses to ride rough shod over us. It is time to resist the wage-slashing, work-intensifying drive of the companies.

Socialism object is to save mankind. We adhere to the basic conceptions of Marxism because their essential elements have proved to be true. The Socialist Party is know for its  ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ when it comes to the socialist revolution but not so much for detailed plans and blueprints. But without a coherent vision of a better world and the organisation working people will likely go nowhere. Socialism means a future system of society where capitalism, with its markets, commodities, values, prices, exchange, surplus value, capital, money, competition, nations, etc., is no more; instead, there is a conscious, planned society where production is for use on such an enormously improved technological level that there will be plenty for all. The State will have withered away, together with racism and religion.

Socialism involves bringing production under democratic and egalitarian control where people in their communities will decide what it will look like and how it will work. They will decide. As majoritarians we seek to ensure the greatest possible participation in policy making by those affected by the policies. Social democracy requires the widest participation in decision-making at all levels

The Socialist Party does not set itself up as a vanguard elite to but encourages working people to gain power on their own behalf. Workers cannot transform themselves unless they are free to do so. It is as Rosa Luxemburg once said,  “Missteps made by an actually revolutionary labour movement are historically more valuable than the infallibility of the best of central committees.”

Political principles are not gambling chips to bargain with. If the Socialist Party differs from other political organisations, it is in this: that the membership and not a few leaders or office holders control and direct the movement. It is this very difference which constitutes our chief strength. True democracy involves cooperation, and upon our ability to cooperate successfully everything depends. And cooperation in turn involves adaptation to one another; the ability to accept the will of the majority wherever and whenever expressed, as our individual will, until such time as our individual will can be expressed by the majority. And this again in turn involves trust in the movement as an organised force, the exercise of solidarity toward each other, and the prevalence of the spirit of comradeship throughout the movement. The real fear is that where a few people, the ungoverned and ungovernable become the dictators of the movement. There need be no fear of any kind of such bureaucracy so long as the party procedures remains in the hands and under the control of the membership. The Socialist Party must be more than a mere political party; it must be so managed and controlled to the highest degree of democracy.

Our role is to hasten the oncoming social revolution - the emancipation of the working class of the world and the freedom and happiness of all mankind.

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