Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Liberty and Freedom

The Socialist Party wishes to put into practice the  ideals of political, economic and social emancipation, to bring to an end inequality that

springs from the principle of private property.
 To abolish that principle means to bring about the free initiative and the free association of human beings. But for the principle of private property there would be no reason for government, which is needed solely to keep the property-less poor rebelling against those who have got into their possession the social wealth. Humanity remains divided into two classes whose interests are diametrically opposed - the capitalist class and the working class; the class that has possession of the land, the machinery of production and the means of transporting wealth, and the class that must rely on its muscle and mind to support itself.

Between these two social classes there cannot exist any bond of friendship or fraternity, for the possessing class always seeks to perpetuate the existing economic, inequities which guarantees it enjoyment of the fruits of its robberies, while the working class exerts itself to destroy the iniquitous system and institute one in which the land, the houses, the machinery of production and the means of transportation shall be for the common use.

The Socialist Party advocates that every human being, by the very fact of having come into life, has a right to enjoy each and every one of the advantages modern civilisation offers, because those advantages are the product of the efforts and sacrifices of the working class from all time. 

The Socialist Party denies the  so-called sacredness of private property because it subjects the greater number of human beings to toil and suffering for the satisfaction and ease of a small number of capitalists. 

There must be a taking possession of all the industries by those working in them, who should bring it about similarly that the lands, the mines, the factories, transportation, and communications shall be in the power of each and every one of the inhabitants, without distinction of colour or sex. Everything produced will be owned in common by the community and  all will have the right to take what their necessities require.

People aspires to satisfy wants with the least possible expenditure of effort, and the best way to obtain that result is to work the land and industry in common. Let each, according to ability, tastes, and inclinations choose the kind of work that suits best, provided it does not become a charge on the community. Freed of masters and based on the necessities of the inhabitants of each region, nobody will suffer want.

It is the responsibility of working people tobreak the chains that make us slaves. To leave the solution of our problems to the rich is to put ourselves voluntarily in their clutches. All the ills that afflict humanity spring from the existing system which compels the majority to toil and sacrifice itself that a privileged minority may satisfy its wants and even its caprices while living in ease.

The evil would be less if all the poor were guaranteed work, but production is not regulated for the satisfaction of the needs of the workers but for what the bourgeoisie can profit from. To make an end of all this its is necessary that the workers take into their own hands the land and the machinery of production, so that they themselves may regulate the production of wealth in accordance with their own needs.

The tedious long hours of drudgery under the present capitalist system, and the conditions under which it is carried on, in a short time impacts upon a the worker’s health and has its origin solely in the contempt with which the capitalist class looks on those who sacrifice themselves for it.

Obliged to regard as enemies even the members of our own class it is natural that in such circumstances there should be developed in the human being anti-social instincts and that suspicion and distrust should be the inevitable fruits of the old and hateful system we are trying to destroy, to its very lowest roots, that we may create in its stead a new one of love, of equality, of justice, of fraternity, of liberty. 

Let us by the mutual consent be free individuals.

As long as there are rich and poor, governors and governed, there will be no peace, nor is it to be desired that there should be; for such a peace would be founded on the political, economic and social inequality of millions of human beings who suffer hunger, outrages, the prison and death, while a small minority enjoys pleasures and liberties of all kinds for doing nothing. 

We men and women who desire the good things to which nature invites us and which our brawn and brain  have created. It is for you, then, to choose. We say choose expropriation of the wealthy and the abolition of all impositions upon our liberties.

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