Saturday, October 24, 2020

Rally, ye workers!

 Nothing whatever is gained by subterfuge or misstatement.The Socialist Party believes that revolutionary world socialism is possible.  The State serves the interests of a tiny, disproportionately wealthy group we can call the capitalist class. Force is the weapon of the oppressor. The State holds the monopoly the use of violence. A violent uprising by ourselves is its fervent hope as that allows the State to exercise more authoritarian control.

We must build something new to replace it. We must construct socialism voluntarist society. We have the power. We are the scientists and the engineers, the doctors and the nurses; we are the builders and the architects, the mechanics and the farmers; we are the soldiers who kill and die for their enrichment, we are the police officers who enforce their unlawful rules; we are the people who build and work in their factories, we are the office workers who administer their system, the shop workers, the programmers, the writers, the artists, the teachers. We possess all the technology we need and we are the experts. It is our world not theirs. Without us the capitalist class are utterly incapable of controlling anyone or anything.

We must create, not destroy. We must liberate science, technology, art and knowledge. We must build alternative decentralised systems, enabling humanity to live as free beings. We must support each other. We can live in harmony because we are capable of respecting each other equally, without reservation. A socialist society would be a society without rulers, not a society without rules.

There is no black and no white, no right-wing nor any leftists, there is no gay and no straight. These are just some of the divisions forced upon us by the capitalist class to keep us divided. With socialism the people as a whole own the means of production. There will be no private ownership of the means of production, nor will the state be the owner. State ownership of the productive forces is not the solution.  Conversion into state property deprives the productive forces of their character as capital. The workers remain wage-earners, proletarians. The capitalist relationship is not abolished; it is rather pushed to an extreme.

The Socialist Party has no reason to conceal its aims or camouflage its revolutionary position. We have nothing to hide from the American people, for our party has no interests separate and apart from their interests. Our programme can be realised only through the consent and participation of the popular masses. They must first be convinced of its correctness and educated in its spirit. Our efforts are to bring about the overthrow of the wage system. We striving for the cooperative commonwealth. The Socialist Party is termed “impossibilists” believe very little can be gained by socialists trying to administer the capitalists political machinery; that this machinery is especially adapted to fit the necessity of the capitalistic or ruling class. It is one great machine, regulated from the head down, and the liberal officials are powerless to do more than the machine permits, and the machine permits practically nothing.

The Socialist Party holds that what working people gain under capitalism at one point they lose at another and this process must go on until the workers learn the lesson that the source of their trouble is inherent in the wage system, and that the remedy is not in putting temporary bandaid patches on this system, but to its final overthrow and the establishment of the cooperative commonwealth. Impossibilists takes very little stock of programs demanding nationalisation or municipal ownership, etc., believing at the best that these programs are palliative, tending but to put off the day of reckoning and prolong the general misery. The Socialist Party believes firmly in the revolutionary working class movement not to be put off with temporary concessions and reforms. As Tolstoy says, the master class will do any and everything but “get off the backs” of the working class. Reformism is going to be another system of exploitation easily grafted on on the old tree. Socialists tackle the roots of the problems and bring about a new world, the overthrow of the master class and the establishment of an entirely new principle in production.

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